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AIX Hints and Tips

AIX System Security Audit
Setting Up Auditing to Monitor cron Events in AIX 3.2
Setting Up Auditing to Monitor cron Events in AIX 4.x
Setup of System Accounting in AIX 4.x
System Accounting -- General Information

"rootvg is locked" Error When Running a mksysb
Archiving Raw Logical Volumes
Archiving the Entire System at AIX Versions 4.1 and 4.2
Backing Up iforls Lock Files
Backing Up the Operating System in AIX 3.2.5
Backing Up the Operating System in AIX 4.1
Backing Up the Operating System in AIX 4.2 and 4.3
Bus Error Coredump When Creating a mksysb at V4.2.0
Causes of an LED 609 During a sysback Network Boot
Causes of an LED 610 during a sysback Network Boot
Causes of an LED 611 during a sysback Network Boot
Causes of an LED 666 During a Sysback Network Boot
Cloning with mksysb for rootvg and Sysback V4 for Additional Volume Groups
Creating an Archive to a Remote Device
Determining the Block Size and Type of Backup Tape
Determining the Level of a mksysb
Error "/usr/lpp/bosinst/bi_main[5]/var/adm/ras/bi.log cannot create"
Error "0511-173" From tar When Backing Up Database Files
Error "0511-445 Internal Packing error" When Creating a mksysb tape
Error "0512-044 tctl fsf failed"
Error "0516-062" When Restoring a mksysb
Error "0518-507" odmget error" When Running mksysb from cron
Error "Invalid or no boot device specified" From mksysb or mkszfile
Error "could not populate devices directory" During a mksysb Clone
Error "system received a parameter that is not valid"
How Often Should the Tape Drive Be Cleaned?
How to Clone a mksysb Image Using NIM AIX 4.1
How to Clone a mksysb Image Using NIM at AIX 4.2 and 4.3
How to Clone an AIX 4.1 mksysb Tape
How to Clone an AIX 4.2 and 4.3 mksysb Tape
How to Resolve the "mkinsttape_sb: permission denied" error on Sysback Versions 3 and 4
How to Restore a mksysb without Preserving Mirrors
How to Restore a savevg with a Larger PPsize
How to Restore a savevg without Preserving Mirrors
How to Restore libc.a from Install Media in Maintenance Mode
How to Set up Sysback for Remote Tape Backups
Identifying an Unknown Tape Format
Making a "generic" mksysb to Install on Any Node
Preventing Duplicate IP Address when Cloning RS/6000 SP Nodes
Receiving Return Code 48 When Making a mksysb Tape
Receiving a chcons Error When Running a mksysb Clone
Relative and Absolute Backups
Restoring 128 Port Adapter Configuration After mksysb
Restoring 128-port devices after mksysb system restore
Restoring Files/Directories in Service Mode with Sysback
Restoring a mksysb Completes but Receives Segmentation Faults
Restoring an Absolute backbyname Backup Relatively
Restoring from a Sysback Backup with Low Level Commands
Restoring with Sysback on AIX 4.1 with SSA disks
SP Network Backup, Boot and Restore with Sysback
SP Tape Boot and Restore with Sysback
Standard Label Format for Tapes
System Hangs at "Multiuser Initialization" After a mksysb Restore
Tape is Either Write Protected or in Use When Running a mksysb
The H50 Reboots in the Middle of the mksysb Restore
mksysb Restore Hangs with LED C31 on F50 with LFT
mksysb Takes Long to Create the bootimage On Tape
restoresymtable Is Not Found When Trying to Restore backbyinode
smitty nim_bffcreate Hangs at AIX 4.2.1

7318 Boot Configuration
BOSboot Diskette Information for AIX 3.1 or 3.2
Boot from CD-ROM Enters Diagnostic Mode
Boot from Install CD-ROM Enters Diagnostics
Booting SMP Systems in Service Mode
Booting Xstation 130 over SLIP
Booting in Service Mode
CDE Does Not Start on Bootup
Hang on LED 611 -- NFS Mount Problem
Internal Ethernet Adapter Duplex Settings Cause Hang on E105 LED
Manually Performing a Network Boot of an RS/6000 SP Attached S70, S7A, or S80
Manually Performing a Network Boot of an RS/6000 SP MCA High Node
Manually Performing a Network Boot of an RS/6000 SP MCA Thin or Wide Node
Manually Performing a Network Boot of an RS/6000 SP PCI Node
Overview of Shell Startup Files
Preventing Install Assistant from Starting after a New Install
Problem Booting an F50 with AIX 4.2.1 Install Media -- GXT110P or GXT120P Adapters
Reboot after Install Hangs on "Multi-User Initialization"
Receiving an LED C43 When Booting from a mksysb
System Date/Time changes are Lost After Reboot
System Hangs on LED C31 When Booting From Install CD-ROM
System at AIX 4.1.5 Hangs at LED c31 -- MVP POWER Graphics Adapter
System with P202 Monitor Hangs at LED C31
Troubleshooting a 7318 IPX Broadcast Boot
Unable to Boot From the mksysb Tape
Unable to Boot an F50 From CD-ROM
Using bootlist in Maintenance Mode in AIX 3.1 or 3.2
Using bootlist in Maintenance Mode in AIX V4
Xserver is Core Dumping When the xinit Command is Run
bootinfo Returns Incorrect Information on IPL ROM Diskette
bootp Booting Procedures
bosboot Fails When Trying to Clone at 4.2
mkinsttape Spawns Off Multiple mkinsttape Processes

3153 Terminal: Attach and Setup - Quick Summary
3153 Terminal: General Feature, Function, and Usage Information
4.3.3 Docsearch Installation Instructions - IBM HTTPServer
7318 IPX Broadcast Boot Configuration
7318 IPX Directed Boot Configuration
7318 TCP/IP Broadcast Boot Configuration
7318 TCP/IP Directed Boot Configuration
Adding Parallel Printers at AIX 4
Adding Pitch 12 Support to an IBM4208 Printer
Adding Serial Printers at AIX 4
Adding a JetDirect Queue in AIX 4.1
Automated Startup and Shutdown of Custom Software
Basic PPP Setup Guide for AIX 4.2 and 4.3
Communications Server Versions 5 and 6 for AIX Compiling
Configuration of the DHCP Server
Configuring Anti-Spam in AIX 4.3.2
Configuring Anti-Spam in AIX 4.3.3
Configuring Cnsconnect for Printers and Modems
Configuring DNS with named8
Configuring P10 Style Ports on an IBM 7318 Model S20
Configuring a Mail Server
Configuring a Name Server for AIX Version 4.x and named Version 4
Configuring an IPX Network for the 7318
Configuring fsize for Large File Support
Converting to DNS on the 9076 SP
Creating New Virtual Printer predef Files
Detail Setup pcmcia Modem Cards
Doclib Setup for Lite NetQuestion and IBM HTTP Web Server at 4.3.3
Documentation Search Service Installation Instructions - Lotus Domino Go and HTTPDLITE
Documentation Search Service Installation Instructions - HTTPD Lite Web Server
Documentation Search Service Installation Instructions - Lotus Domino Go Web Server
Expanding Options for Page Orientation
Expanding Tabs in a Text File to a PostScript Queue
HP 1200 Printer Support on AIX
HP JetDirect and JetDirect Ex3 Printing in AIX 4.2.1 and Later
HTTP Server Will Not Configure at 1.3.6
How to Configure ATM Permanent Virtual Circuits
How to Configure Independent LU 6.2 Sessions on Communications Server for AIX V4
How to Configure and Troubleshoot an AIX ATM Switched Virtual Circuit
How to Configure and Troubleshoot an AIX ATMLE (ATM LAN Emulated Network)
How to Easily Configure TCP/IP on Your AIX System
How to Set Up a Hayes Compatible Modem
How to Update sysck.cfg in the TCB Database
IBM HTTP Server Will Not Configure
IBM HTTP Server Will Not Configure at 1.3.6
ISA 8-port and 128-port Asynchronous Adapter Configuration
Intel NetportExpress: Print Server Setup with AIX
Lexmark MarkNet XLe Adapter 4033 and Internal NetWorkCards
Managing System Dump Devices
Managing the Time Zone Variable
NIS Configuration
NetWare Setup Tips for AIX 3.2.5 and 4.1
Network Print to IBM 3930 from AIX
Passthrough Printing Connection
Printing to JetDirect Attached Printers: AIX 3.2.5 to 4.2.0
Printing to Microplex Print Servers
Rebuilding the Device Configuration Database
Rebuilding the System Data Repository on an RS/6000 SP/PSSP System
SLIP (Serial Line Interface Protocol)
Tape Device Driver Notes
Tape Drive Densities and Special Files
Twisted Pair Wiring for Async Communications
UUCP (BNU) Configuration Files
UUCP (BNU) Helpful Information
UUCP Over Token-Ring, TCP/IP
WebSM Client/Server Setup for AIX 4.3
Xstation 120/130 Setup Procedures
Xstation 140/150 Setup Procedures
Xstation 160 Setup Procedure

Data handling
ADSM to TSM Upgrade Procedures
Changing between Large and Small Address-Space Models
Compression Isn't Always What You Might Think
Creating smaller Archives with compress and tar Commands
Error When Writing to a 20GB 8mm Tape Drive
How to Set Up sar
Notice about Integrated Autoloaders when Used with Sysback
Transferring Mainframe Data to AIX
Using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol with AIX 4.3.3
Using cpio or pax Commands to Move Contents of Directory

3153 Terminal: Common Application Display and Keyboard Problems
AIX Maintenance Strategy
Atape.driver Important Installation and Upgrade Information
Clearing Your Queueing System
Common Problems and Questions About 3151 Terminals
Debugging 128-Port Remote-RAN Problems
Diagnosing Checkstops
FAQ on AIX Print Queues and Devices
HPLJ4 Plus Pinout Considerations
How man Pages Work: Troubleshooting Tips
How to Clear a Hung tty Port AIX 3.2.x and AIX 4.x
Introduction to Reading Dumps
Missing Performance Toolbox Documentation
Recovery from LED 551, 555, or 557 in AIX 3.1 or 3.2
Recovery from LED 551, 555, or 557 in AIX V4
Recovery from LED 552, 554, or 556 in AIX 3.1 or 3.2
Recovery from LED 552, 554, or 556 in AIX V4
Recovery from an LED 553 in AIX 3.1 or 3.2
Recovery from an LED 553 in AIX V4
Recovery from an LED C31 in AIX 3.1 or 3.2
Recovery from an LED C31 in AIX V4
Serial Printers and Flow Control
Troubleshooting 7318 TTYs in a Stopped/Defined State
Troubleshooting a 7318 IPX Directed Boot
Troubleshooting a 7318 TCP/IP Broadcast Boot
Troubleshooting a 7318 TCP/IP Directed Boot
Understanding LED 581 in AIX
Xstation Problem-Solving Hints

Disaster recovery
ADSM - General Disaster Considerations
NIM Installation Causes Flashing 888 or LED 604
Recovery from a Corrupted Boot Logical Volume in AIX V3
Recovery from rm * from the Root (/) Directory in AIX 4.x
Restoring a Deleted libc.a System Library
System Crashes in AIX 4.x
System with SNA Hangs or Crashes with LED Sequence 888-102-300-0c0

Does alt disk clone Change the PP Size?
Error "0505-102 alt_disk_install:mkvg has returned an error"
Removing and Replacing a Fixed Disk
Synchronizing Disk Names

How to Edit Files in Maintenance Mode

Error logs/messages
"Error 2020" When Running imnss -start imnhelp
"Lexical Error" Message from installp
"Tape Not in Backup Format" Error
"tape not in backup format" Error during Install Using SMIT
About Filesystem Serviceability Enhancements in AIX V4
CD-ROM Error 0514-062: specified device is busy
Documentation Search Service Error - "Host not Found"
E85C5C4C/Startlft Errors
Error "restbyname not found" after Migration from AIX 3.2.5 to 4.3.2 Using Tape
Error 0042-151 Occurs during Creation of mksysb Resource
Error 0301-155 -- bosboot:mkfs failed for /tmp/Bootram.fs
Error 3001-008 -- /dev/ipldevice and /dev/rhdisk0
Error 3001-008 during an Installation -- /dev/fd0h Error
Error Installing U447719 -- Too Many Levels of Symbolic Links
Error Installing -- Restore Error 0511-126
Errors Creating mksysb Resource -- 1821-011 and 1831-008
Errors Migrating from AIX 4.1.5 to 4.2.1
Errors NFS Mounting /cdrom filesystem -- 1831-011 and 1831-008
Failed Install of -- Errors 0403-012 and 0653-401
Failed Install of and sna.instdlc.sdlc -- Missing Requisites
Failed Installation of Latest pssp Fixes -- Error 0503-247
Failure Installing ssp.ha From Fix Tape
Failure to Create Spot with setup_server
Frequent Print Error Messages
GXT120P Common Problems
InfoExplorer "unable to connect to socket: 3" Error Message
Information on Tape Errors in the Error Report
Installing 4.3.1 Fileset on 4.3.0 System Gives Errors 0707-126 and 0503-037
Installp Lexical Error 0503-216 at AIX Version 4
LVM - The Logical Volume Control Block
NIM Client Initialization Fails
NIM Error 0042-207 -- Unable to Allocate Resource
NIM Push Install Error -- c_nimpush not found
New Installation Fails at End when Running bosboot
Receiving XCOFF Errors When Executing installp
Receiving dtmessaging Errors on ASCII Console
Recovery from "Volume Group Locked" Error Message
Removing lpp_source -- NIM Error 0042-038
Resolving TTY "Respawning Too Rapidly" Errors
Running setup_server Fails
Running update_all from Command Line Fails at AIX 4.2.1
SMIT Does Not Start -- Missing Symbol G_DONT_USE_QUOTE
Setting Up Notification of Missing Physical Volumes
System Hangs at c33 with an LFT
Unable to Add Users, Error Message 3004-687
Understanding Console Error Report Entries
Upgrade to AIX Fails -- /usr/lpp/info/en_US Is Not Writable
alt_disk Errors 0516-082 and 0505-121
ds_form: Error EhwSearch 32 After Migration to 4.3.3
ds_rslt Ehw_Open_Index 63 Error
inutoc Error after Fixes Manually Copied to Hard Disk
lppchk Error after Migration from AIX 4.1.5 to 4.2 -- Missing Requisite Software

File handling
About Sparse Files (AIX 3.2)
Broken Fileset bos.rte.lvm
Converting Text Files for Use on DOS or AIX
Detection and Correction of Illegal Hard Links
Determining Files Delivered by a Fileset
Determining Location and Cause of core File in AIX 4.x
Determining Requisites for an Installed Fileset
Differences in Migration Codes -- AIX 3.2 to 4.1
Failed Install of smsia.subagent.obj -- Missing Requisites List
Finding the Display Postscript Filesets dps.fnt and dps.rte
How Permissions Work
How to update_all from Command Line
Missing smit.log
Netscape Will Not Start after Latest AIX 4.2.1 Fixes Are Installed
Netscape Will Not Start after Upgrade from AIX 4.3.0 to 4.3.1
Pre-Deinstall Failure when Removing
Pre-Deinstall Failure when Removing the Fileset bos.sysmgt.nim.master
Problem with SSA Adapters after Migration from AIX 3.2.5 to 4.1.4
Problems with the /etc/utmp File in AIX 4
Resetting File Permissions
Restoring libc.a in Maintenance from Install CD-ROM
Running oslevel Returns Incorrect Level after Upgrade to AIX 4.1.4
Sending Startup Output to File and Console
Unmounting File Systems
Using signal() in SA_OLDSTYLE and Full-Size Core Files
Why Numbers from "du -s" and "df" Disagree
dd Command is Being Killed by Signal 13
lppchk -v Does Not List Missing Filesets
oslevel Returns Incorrect Output
tftp Daemon Keeps Dying and NIM Cannot tftp

Filesystem management
Changing a Standard File System to a File-Enabled File
Creating File Systems on Removable Tapes or Diskettes
Creating a File System Large Enough to Hold Restored Files
How to NFS Mount a cdrom Filesystem
Problem with Mounts in NIM Maintenance at AIX 4.2.1
Repairing Corrupt File Systems or File System Log Devices
Repairing File Systems with fsck in AIX V4 (LED 518)
Trouble Using dd with cblock

"mkvg" Failure During a Full System Reinstall
AIX 4.1 Installation Tips
AIX 4.2 Installation Tips
AIX 4.3 Installation Tips
AIX Version 4 Quick Installation Guide
C Compiler 4.3 Requires ifor_ls.compat and ifor_ls.base
Delay with Option "Install/Update From All Available Software"
Error "888-102-700-0c8" When Running a NIM Spot Copy to a Model 320
Failed Install of NetView -- Missing Prerequisite dtext.browser.obj
Failed Installation of cns.p10.obj -- Missing Requisite Software
Flashing 608 during 43P-140 NIM Install
How to Determine the Level of the Installation CDROM in Maintenance Mode
How to Install Base Documentation from Hard Disk
How to Install from Software Development Solutions CD
How to Set Up X11 Graphic Input Devices
Install man Pages Using Installation Media in AIX 4.3
Installing AIX 4.3 man Pages -- Mounting Base Documentation CD-ROM
Installing Apply for AIX
Installing Capture for AIX
Installing Filesets from a Command Line
Installing Fixes for AIX 3.2.5
Installing Fixes for AIX Versions 4.x
Installing a Fileset in Maintenance Mode
Installing man Pages Using Installation Media (AIX 4.1 and 4.2)
LUM - Quick Install of Concurrent Nodelocked License in AIX 4
Missing DCE Base Level Filesets
Missing Filesets ifor_ls.compat and ifor_ls.base when Installing C Compiler
NFS Mount Install Using Remote Tape Media
NIM Hangs on LED c45
NIM Install to H50 Hangs on Multi-Boot Screen
NIM Installation Hangs on LED 613
Running oslevel Returns Incorrect Level after Upgrade to AIX 4.1.5
Set Up man Pages Using InfoExplorer Hypertext CDROM
WebSM Client/Server Setup for AIX 4.3.3
man Pages InfoExplorer Tips After 3.2 Install/Update

128 ttys Do Not Have a Login After Replacing the PCI Card
Floating Network Login Licenses in AIX 4.1 and 4.2
Floating Network Login Licenses in AIX 4.3
Login Problems with Non-Root Users in AIX
Only Root User Can Log into Xwindows
etc/profile Not Sourced at Login

Memory management
How to Increase the Size of the RAMFS with chramfs
IPC (Inter-Process Communication) Limits
Memory Leaks
The AIX Virtual Memory Manager (VMM)
Xwindows and Shared Memory Segments
vmtune Parameters

AIX Version 4.x Migration
Boot on 43P-100 after Migration to AIX 4.2.1 Hangs on PowerPC Logo -- LED 517 or 520
How to Migrate SNA Profiles to Communications Server V5 and V6
Migrating Users From AIX 3.2 to 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3
Migrating rootvg to Another Disk Drive
Migration from AIX 4.1.4 to 4.3.1 Causes Duplicate SMIT Panels
Migration from AIX 4.1.5 to 4.2.1 Hangs when 15% Complete
No Migration Option from AIX 3.2.5 to 4.1 -- Pad String Problem
No Migration Option from AIX 4.1.5 to 4.2.1
Upgrading a System From a Remote Server in AIX 3.2.4 From Tape
oslevel -l Returns AIX 4.1 Filesets after Upgrade to AIX 4.2.1

Mirroring the rootvg Volume Group for AIX V4

64-bit Mode on AIX 4.3.3
Box Drawing Characters not Working in aixterm
CD Will Not Eject
CFGLFT Error 1122 in errpt
Downloading Fixes through a Web Browser
Frequently Asked Questions for the Common Desktop Environment (CDE)
General Information on the 3490/3590 Tape Drives
General Information on the 7205 DLT Tape Drive
General information on Guestimated Maximum Network Throughput
Graphics Fonts Q & A's
Graphics Q & A's for Terminals
How to Rebuild the Control Work Station
Index of Faxes
LED 231 or E1F7 Hang During Netboot of SP Nodes
Miscellaneous Q & A's for Graphics
Recreating LVM Structures using Sysback Version 4
Removing a Tape Drive Using the ODM
Security-Related APARs
System Boots to Blank Console
System Special Accounts
The Interprocess Communication (IPC) Overview
Using AIX Program Services
Verifying APAR Installation
dtterm/opost Problem
lftwput Errors in errpt

Perf tuning
Asynchronous I/O
Communication Server for AIX Tuning and Performance Tips
Diagnosing Bottlenecks with Performance Toolbox
Diagnosing Performance Bottlenecks
I/O Pacing Set for HA Causing Performance Problems
Increasing the Size of a JFS Log Device
Organizing Logical Volumes to Increase I/O Performance
Performance Tuning - The iostat Tool
Performance Tuning - The vmstat Tool
Raw vs. JFS Logical Volumes I/O
The schedtune Command

128-Port Printer Cables
3153 Terminal: Common Print and Printer-Related Problems
Adding an Xstation Attached Printer at AIX 4
Capturing a Spool File in AIX
Changing a Default Queue
Create Custom PS Header Pages with Graphics
Digital Products NETPrint and JETXPrint Printing at AIX Version 3.2.5
Digital Products NETPrint and JETXPrint Printing at AIX Versions 4.x
Drawing Boxes in a Curses Environment with AIX 3.2
How a Print Job Flows Through a Print Queue
How to Adjust the Horizontal Motion Index
How to Customize Margins on IBM 4039 Printer
How to FTP Files to 3130 Printers
How to Set the Virtual Printer Tabs
Key Flag Attributes of a Virtual Printer
Printing Line Drawing - Box Characters in AIX
Printing PCL Math Symbols with AIX Virtual Printers
Printing Text 2-Up and Landscape in AIX
Printing in AIX 4.1
Printing to Lantronix Print/Terminal Servers at AIX V 3.2.5
Printing to Lantronix Print/Terminal Servers at AIX V4.x
Printing to Locally Attached Printers
Redirecting LPD Mail Messages
Remote Printing using the LPR/LPD Protocol at AIX 4.3
Sending Printer Commands to Printers
Separate Paper Drawers for Header Pages
Setup and Use of a Fontserver
Trouble Printing from InfoExplorer and Manual Pages
Understanding Print Queue Status
What Is a Virtual Printer?

Process management
Defunct Process Problem Determination
High CPU Percentage for kproc Process 516
User System Resource Limits
Why Can't I Kill My Process?

Space management
Alt Disk Installation Allocates Excess Disk Space in Root
Diagnosing Full File Systems
How to Increase RAMFS Size for Most Versions of Sysback
Managing File System Space
Paging Space Tips
Reducing Default Paging Space (hd6)
Reducing the Size of the /var or /tmp File System
Setup and Use of the Disk Quota System

System environment
24 bit X on GT4 Series Adapter
4.3.x man Page Problems
AIX 4.2.1 Incorrect InfoExplorer Links
Application Does Not Start from Home Session in CDE
CDE Does Not Work with HACMP
CDE Hangs at Blue Screen - Name Resolution/Network OK
CDE Hangs on Blue Screen or dtmessaging Will Not Start
CDE Quick Reference Guide
Cable Number for P202 and GXT3000P
Common Documentation Search Service Errors
Crash Command Information for TTY/Printer Subsystems
Custom Sets Incorrect Resource for Height and Width for Motif SMIT
Default Settings for the GXT150M Graphics Adapter
Determining CPU Speed in AIX
Difference Between Gt4xi 8-bit and Gt4xi 24-bit Graphics Adapters
Error 888-102-300-0c0 When Graphics Adapter is in the Machine
Finding Graphic Card Data
Function Keys as Input to Extended Curses
GT4 Family 24-bit Adapters
GXT110P Identifier Matches the E15
GXT120P Green Fog
GXT120P and P202 Display
GXT1xxx - List of Supported Monitors with Video Card Settings
GXT800P - Problems After Applying ML
Graphics Q & A's for Documentation
Graphics Xwin-Motif Q and A's
Gxt1000 Basics
How to use OpenGL in Xwindows
Ja_JP-IBM932 at4.2.x Changed to Ja_JP-IBM-943 at 4.3.x
Keyboard and Mouse Adapters for G30/G40 and J30/J4
LPFK Switch
MSMIT Buttons Not Correct
Motif/SMIT Translation Table Syntax Error
P260 Monitor Missing Cabling
PEX Not Supported in AIX 4.3
PageUp and PageDown do not work in dtterm
Power GXT300P Graphics Accelerator Supported at AIX Level 4.3.3
Receiving Error 13 While Running InfoExplorer
Refresh Rate of the GXT1000 Graphics Adapter
Removing Users Once Enrolled in UMS Dictation Software
System Boots to Blank Console
Tablet Adapter and Multiple Displays
The Display Value for Xwindows is Inconsistent
UMS Device Drivers
Unsupported Graphics Adapters at AIX 4.3
What is Enhancement 6 for AIX 3.2.5?
dtlock Does Not Require a Password
dtterm Geometry is Incorrect

Gathering a Testcase for a Compiler Problem
Gathering a Testcase for a DBX Problem
How to Collect and Submit an SNA Testcase for Communications Server Version 4.2
How to Collect and Submit an SNA Testcase for Communications Server Version 5 and 6
Sending Testcases Electronically

AIX 4.x Print Filters
AIX sendmail Basics
ASCII InfoExplorer Hangs When Accessing Program Menus
Basic AIX Printer Backend Program Example
Catalog Message Files in Virtual Printers
Custom Backend to Wake Up an HPLJ5L
Determining Microcode Levels Using Microcode Discovery Service and Inventory Scout
Distributed System Management Interface Tool Information
Downloading and Installing TapeGen
Dynamic Screen Utility (dscreen) Tips
Example Korn Shell Printer Backend Programs
Example Shell AIX Printer Backend Program
Fix Dist Tool - Electronic Fix Distribution for AIX
How cron and at Commands Work
NIM/SPOT Debug for RS/6000 SP Systems
Print File Archiving
Receiving Error 28 When Starting InfoExplorer
Simple Customization to Support A3 Paper on HPLJ-4MV
Tracing Remote Printing
UMS and InfoExplorer Database Problems
Using Operator Messages

"ps -ef" Displays UID Rather Than User Name
Changing Group Membership from a Shell Script
Define Restricted Logins
How to Rebuild the Kerberos Database on an IBM RS/6000 SP Control Workstation
Making a Second Root User
Operator Accounts without root Access
Recovering the root Password in AIX 4.x
Reinstalling bos.rte.control -- "shutdown not a known group"
imnadm Group is not Removed When Removing IMNSearch Filesets
oslevel Reports as Root but as User

Volume groups
Backing Up a Non-Root Volume Group in AIX 4.x
Error "0516-024 /usr/sbin/lqueryvg unable to open physical volume hdisk"
LVM - The Size of the Volume Group Descriptor Area
LVM Limitation of Physical Partitions per Physical Volume
Moving a JFS File System to a New Volume Group
Rebuilding a Volume Group's Customized Device Database
Why Do My Database Permissions Change?
Workaround for error 0511-163 when using tar as backend for Sysback/6000 V4