Changing A Default Queue


About this document
Default print queue in AIX 4.1
Default print queue in AIX 3

About this document

This document discusses how to change a queue to be the default print que. It is applicable to AIX 3.xx and 4.1.

Default print queue in AIX 4.1

At AIX 4.1, changing the queue to be the default is performed through SMIT.

NOTE: If this change is for selective users, see step 1 in the section "Default print queue in AIX 3" of this document.

If this is a system-wide change, follow the path in SMIT.

   #smit spooler
    Manage Print Queues
    Set the System's Default Print Queue

Now you should be able to specify the name of the system default queue.

Default print queue in AIX 3

The default queue is the first queue in the /etc/qconfig file. The basic process is to move the queue and queue device stanzas to be the first queue stanzas in the file as follows:

Selective users change

  1. Add the following entry to the users .profile file.
       export LPDEST=<queue_name>

    The queue specified by queue_name will become the default queue for that user, without affecting other users.

System-wide change

For a system-wide change, follow this procedure.

  1. Choose a time when the printing subsystem is inactive.
  2. Stop the qdaemon. Enter stopsrc -cs qdaemon.
  3. Change into the /etc directory. Enter cd /etc.
  4. Open the qconfig file. Enter vi /etc/qconfig.
  5. Search for the desired queue in the file. Enter /queue_name.
  6. Count the number of lines in the queue and queue device stanzas and any blanks between them. The queue stanza should have the line device = <dev_name>. The device stanza usually ends with a line similar to backend = ..., but make sure there are no more indented lines after this. An example entry for a 4033 queue is (7 lines):
              device = duplx
              file = /usr/lpp/lap/dev/duplx
              header = group
              trailer = never
              backend = /usr/lpp/lap/lpabe -n 10005A10000A ...
  7. With the cursor on the queue name (in this example it is pcl4039) type 7yy.

    NOTE: The bottom of the screen will display: 7 lines yank'd. We could have deleted the lines but copying them first is safer. Replace 7 with your exact count.

  8. Move first, to the top of the file, then just below the lines starting with asterisks (*).

    Type p to put the lines. The lines should all be inserted here. If they are not, repeat steps 5 through 7 for the remaining lines.

  9. Now search for the other entry. If you don't delete it, you will have queue daemon problems with two identical queues.
  10. Delete the old queue and device lines (all of them). Place the cursor on the line and type dd. You can also put the cursor on the queue name, type d# and press Enter, where # is the line count.
  11. Save the file. Enter :wq
  12. Restart the qdaemon. Enter startsrc -s qdaemon.
  13. Check to see that the specified queue shows up first in the queue, and that there are no errors reported. Enter lpstat.
  14. Print to test. Enter qprt /etc/motd.

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