GXT120P Green Fog

This was a document created by Starly Bull originally - her's are sometimes the most difficult to decipher - hope I got it right. Thanks!


GXT120P update fileset fogs screen with some monitors.

After applying the level of fileset devices.pci.2b101a05.rte and rebooting, the lft display exhibits a green background fog on 14V, 15P, and POWERdisplay17 monitors. The green fog extends beyond the normal boundary of the display.

The XWindows and Desktop displays also show the green fog on POWERdisplay17 but NOT on 14V or 15P. This is also appears after applying PTF U459993 at 4.2.1 with devices.pci.2b101a05.rte to


Fixes are as follows:
  1. APAR_aix_43 = IX85536
  2. APAR_aix_42 = IX85282

[ Doc Ref: 97490293220136     Publish Date: Nov. 27, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]