Adding Pitch 12 Support to an IBM4208 Printer


About this document
The problem
How to add the font name
How to add the font name: Steps to make the change
Examining the colon file

About this document

In the AIX Version 4 colon files, the IBM4208 is only supported at a pitch of 10 unless you have fonts to be downloaded in the font directory.

This document describes a way to add the support for a pitch 12 font and also describes how some of the attributes in the colon file interact.

The information in this document applies to AIX Versions 4.1.4 and later.

The problem

Only courier 10 is selectable from SMIT

From SMIT:
                 TYPESTYLE and PITCH          
   Move cursor to desired item and press Enter.
   courier  10   

Nothing prints

In this file created to print to a file, the file is empty

Message in /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local

How to add the font name

How to add the font name: Steps to make the changes

  1. cd /usr/lib/lpd/pio/predef/

  2. cp ibm4208-2.asc /tmp/ibm4208-2.asc
    Save this for recovery if it does not work.

  3. vi ibm4208-2.asc

  4. find :416:mU:

  5. Add prestige[12] to the attribute so it reads:
    :416:mU::%`"{ print - 'courier[10]prestige[12]';
    /usr/bin/ls /usr/lib/lpd/pio/fonts/%Imt/*.*.* 2>/dev/null|
    /usr/bin/awk -F. '{printf(\\"%%s[%%s]\\n\\",$2,substr($3,1,2));}';
    }|sort -u|tr -d '\\012'"

  6. Save the changes

  7. Create a new queue

Test from the command line and from SMIT

  1. qprt -p12 -Pqueue file

  2. smit chpq

  3. Select the print queue

  4. Choose option 2 Default Print Job Attributes

  5. Move cursor to TYPESTYLE and PITCH

  6. Hit F4 or the DO button

  7. Choices should now show:
       courier  10
       prestige 12

Examining the colon file

The SMIT entries for pitch and style are combined for most virtual printers at AIX 4. This allows easier selection which is important for the older printers that print certain fonts in certain sizes. Newer printers probably do not need this feature but it's there and will probably remain so for some time.

Flag attributes

First examine the two flag attributes used to set the pitch and the type style.

Conglomerate attributes

This type of attribute is to combine the input for two flag attributes into a single SMIT selection. In this case the _s and _p attributes are combined in the Cs attribute. SMIT entry:

   :674:Cs:S[B005]I[1810500]EnC[_s,_p]R[%`W0]:-s%I_s\x27 \x27-p%I_p

Work attributes


By changing the mU attribute we changed the list of allowed style and pitch options, but the change must be made to the predef file before building the new virtual printer queue.

[ Doc Ref: 91746009912810     Publish Date: Feb. 01, 2001     4FAX Ref: 6432 ]