Information on Tape Errors in the Error Report


OS Level: AIX Version 3.2.5
Type/Model: Unspecified


Information on errors that may be found in the error report on the tape drive is requested.


The following are common occurrences for tape errors logged in the error report, command (errpt -a).

TAPE_ERR1 - Software
The common cause for this error is the buffer size not being on order with the tape block size. The tape block size can be determined by the following command:

   # lsattr -El rmt#

The block size will be listed in the command's output. A recommended block size for an 8mm tape drive is 1024. To change the block size to 1024, enter:

   # chdev -l rmt# -a block_size=1024

The buffer size is determined by the backup command. In the case of cpio, the buffer size can be determined with the -C or -B flag. The -C flag writes to the tape in 512 byte blocks times the number that follows it. So, in the following example where the flag is -C2, it would write in 1024 byte blocks.

   # find [files] -print | cpio -ocv -C2 > /dev/rmt#

The -B flag writes to the tape in 5120 byte blocks, as in the following example:

   # find  -print | cpio -ocv -B > /dev/rmt#

The TAPE_ERR1 will occur if the buffer size of the command is not a multiple of the block size for the tape drive. For instance, if the block size of the tape drive is 1024 and the buffer size is 512, a TAPE_ERR1 would occur.

TAPE_ERR2 - Hardware
The common cause of this error, as the heading implies, is hardware. This could mean either the SCSI adapter, the SCSI cable, or the tape drive itself. These items should be reviewed by Hardware Support. Check to see if there are other related errors in the error report such as SCSI_ERR#.

TAPE_ERR3 - Software
This error is not very common. The same causes that apply to TAPE_ERR1 apply to this error as well.

TAPE_ERR4 - Hardware
This error may be caused by the same factors that cause TAPE_ERR2. It should be similarly addressed.

TAPE_ERR5 - Unknown
This tape error occurs when the problem is unknown. General diagnostics should be run on the tape drive by Hardware Support. Also, the system should be diagnosed for possible problems with file systems, device drivers, and so on.

TAPE_ERR6 This error indicates the tape drive requires cleaning. This error is logged regularly for newer tape drives after certain number of uses. If this error is reported, the tape drive should be cleaned.

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