Errors Migrating from AIX 4.1.5 to 4.2.1


OS Level: AIX Version 4.1.5
Type/Model: 380


In an attempt to migrate from AIX Version 4.1.5 to 4.2.1, errors such as the following examples appear.

	bos.rte.pre_i 1496!:  FREE_PPS = 229 *  * 1024 : syntax error
Creating logical volumes.
Mounting file systems.
Restoring base operating system
Initializing disk environment.
Copying Cu* to disk.
Over mounting /.
/usr/lpp/bos/migrate/convert_errnotify 41!: /tmp/bos/etc/objrepos:  not
/usr/lpp/bos/migrate/secur_mig 72!: /tmp/bos/etc/security:  not found.
cat: 0652-050 Cannot open limits.
update_group 4!: /tmp/bos/etc:  not found.
awk: 0602-533 Cannot find or open file group.
 The source line number is 12.
update_group 31!: /tmp/bos/etc/security:  not found.
grep: 0652-033 Cannot open group.
update_group 4!: /tmp/bos/etc:  not found.
update_group 31!: /tmp/bos/etc/security:  not found.
merge_swvpds: Merging vital product databases. Please wait.
merge_swvpds: /tmp/bos/usr/lib/objrepos does not exist
merge_swvpds: Error in conversion routines
merge_swvpds: Original vpd is still intact
SysckMerge: No such file: /tmp/bos/etc/security/sysck.cfg.
Error in merging the saved and new files.  The running of the system
should not be impaired.  For further information, check the log located in
Installing additional software.
ln: 0653-419 /usr/sys/ and
s/App-Dev.bnd are identical.
ln: 0653-419 /usr/sys/ and
dles/DCE-Client.bnd are identical.
ln: 0653-419 /usr/sys/ and
/Client.bnd are identical.
ln: 0653-419 /usr/sys/ and
/Server.bnd are identical.
Initializing trusted computing base.
Initializing dump device.
primary              /dev/hd7
secondary            /dev/sysdumpnull
copy directory       /var/adm/ras
forced copy flag     TRUE
always allow dump    FALSE
Creating boot image.
bosboot: Boot image is 5099 512 byte blocks.
mv: 0653-401 Cannot rename /tmp/bos/etc/objrepos/Cu* to
             A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
                               Running Customization


The solution is APAR IX72646. The workaround is as follows. Execute:

	cp /usr/sbin/lsvg /usr/sbin/lsvg.old

Use the AIX 4.1.5 base CD-ROM and then execute:

	mkdir cd
	mount -o ro -v cdrfs /dev/cd0 /cd
	cd /
	restore -xvqf /cd/usr/sys/inst.images/bos ./usr/sbin/lsvg

Then migrate the system.

[ Doc Ref: 93326995812410     Publish Date: Aug. 20, 1999     4FAX Ref: none ]