WebSM Client/Server Setup for AIX 4.3


About this document
Configuring the WebSM client/server

About this document

This document describes how to install and configure a WebSM client/server for AIX 4.3.

This document applies to AIX 4.3.

Configuring the WebSM client/server

Perform the following steps to set up the WebSM client/server.
  1. Install the Web server.

    Lotus Domino and Netscape Fastrack are provided on the AIX 4.3 bonus CD. You can use another Web server, but you will need to know the path to your document directory.

    To see if a Web server is currently running, enter:

     ps -ef | grep httpd
    This should return one httpd process.

  2. Test the Web server.

    To test the Web server, open a web browser and go to:

    The preceding step should bring up the main page of the Web server. If there are errors at this point, you will need to contact the proper support for the Web server software.

  3. Install WebSM.

  4. For the next command, you will need to know the document directory for the webserver.

    For Lotus, the path is /usr/lpp/internet/server_root/pub.

    For Fastrack, you select the path when you setup the Web server. The default path is /usr/ns-home/docs.

    Run the following command:

     /usr/websm/bin/wsmappletcfg -docdir <path to the document directory of
    your web server>
    As an example, for Lotus Domino Go Web server, the path would be:
     /usr/websm/bin/wsmappletcfg -docdir /usr/lpp/internet/server_root/pub

  5. Enable the WebSM server.
     /usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -enable
    Now WebSM is set up on the system. You will now need a compatible browser to connect to WebSM.

    NOTE:You must be running Netscape 4.0.4 with JDK 1.1 because Communicator 4.04. Netscape 4.0.4 alone will not work. You can download the correct version of Netscape at http://developer.netscape.com:80/software/jdk/download.html

    Versions of this browser are available for the following operating systems:

    Solaris 2.4
    Solaris 2.5.1
    IRIX 6.2
    HP UX 10
    AIX 4.1

    Note: The AIX 4.1 version works on 4.1 - 4.3. You will need to follow the installation instructions for the different operating systems.

    Instructions for AIX:

    1. Create a directory to extract the Communicator files into.

    2. Uncompress and extract the tar file. Enter:
       gzip -dc filename | tar -xvf - 
    3. To run Communicator after installation, enter:
       cd the_directory_you_just_extracted_to

    4. [ Doc Ref: 97317476816476     Publish Date: Nov. 02, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]