Differences in Migration Codes -- AIX 3.2 to 4.1


OS Level: AIX Version 3.2.5


There are differences between the migration codes from AIX Version 3.2 to 4.1.


Handle each of the following in the manner indicated.

The file should be moved back to its original position after the installation.
The file should be preserved (or moved back to its original position) after a Version 4.1 migration, but for a Version 3.2 migration it should be left saved under /tmp/bos.
The file is left saved under /tmp/bos. If there are any settings in the file that are required, the user must manually move these settings into the new version of the file.
The old and new versions of the file will be swapped. The old version will become active. The new version will be saved under /tmp/bos so that any required settings from the new, 4.1 version of the file can be merged into the old version if required.
The file is moved back to its original position. However, in most cases a merge method will also be specified with auto_merge files. The merge method will be run first to merge any settings or new requirements from the 4.1 version of the file with any user or site specific settings from the Version 3.2 file. The resulting, combined file is then moved to the active position.
This is handled as a user_merge and left saved under /tmp/bos.

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