Booting smp Systems in Service Mode


OS Level: AIX Version 4.1.4
Type/Model: j40


How do you boot the smp systems (J30, J40 , R40, and so on) in service mode?


To boot a J30 into the IPL ROM Menu, complete the following steps:

  1. Put the Key Mode Switch in Service and boot the system.
  2. Hit the Enter key on the BUMP console. SystemGuard clears the screen and displays the BUMP prompt.
  3. Enter the keyword sbb for the STAND-BY menu.
            STAND-BY MENU
            0 Display Configuration 
            1 Set Flags 
            2 Set Unit Number 
            3 Set Configuration 
            4 SSbus Maintenance 
            5 I2C Maintenance
  4. Choose option 1, Set Flags.
            0 Display Configuration 
            1 Display Bump Error Log 
            2 Enable Service Console 
            3 Disable Service Console 
            4 Reset 
            5 Power-off 
            6 System Boot 
            7 Off Line Tests 
            8 Set Parameters 
            9 Set National Language
  5. Choose option 6, System Boot.
            0 Boot From List 
            1 Boot From Network 
            2 Boot from SCSI Device 
  6. Choose option 1 to boot from the network, or option 0 to boot from a device in the bootlist.

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