No Migration Option from AIX 4.1.5 to 4.2.1


OS Level: AIX Version 4.1.5
Type/Model: 550


In an attempted migration from AIX Version 4.1.5 to 4.2.1, no migration option is presented.


Look for the pad string in the blv by running the following command:

	/usr/lpp/bosinst/blvset -d /dev/hdsik0 -glevel

The result should show 4.1.1. If it does not, run the following command:

	/usr/lpp/bosinst/blvset -d /dev/hdisk0 -plevel

For the input for this command, enter 4.1.1. Then run:

	/usr/lpp/bosinst/blvset -d /dev/hdisk0 -glevel

The result should now show 4.1.1. If it does and you still do not get the migration option, verify that the necessary filesystems are on the system and are on appropriate LVs. For example:

	/dev/hd4	 /
	/dev/hd2         /usr
        /dev/hd9var      /var
        /dev/hd3         /tmp
        /dev/hd1         /home

Also check for ghost disks: When you run lspv, look for the disks that contain the rootvg. The output will look like this:

# lspv
hdisk0         000011181de6db7a    rootvg
hdisk1         00010276e3034f00    rootvg
hdisk2         00010276e30353f3    rootvg
hdisk3         00010276e30358f3    rootvg

Now run lqueryvg -Atp on each of the hdisks in the rootvg. You should get the following information.

# lqueryvg -Atp hdisk0
Max LVs:        256
PP Size:        22
Free PPs:       508
LV count:       11
PV count:       4       <---------- This should match the number of hdisks
Total VGDAs:    4                   in the rootvg.
Conc Allowed    0
Conc Autovar    0
Varied on Co    0
Logical:        00010276051b4e42.1   hd6 1
                00010276051b4e42.2   hd5 1
                00010276051b4e42.3   hd8 1
                00010276051b4e42.4   hd4 1
                00010276051b4e42.5   hd2 1
                00010276051b4e42.6   hd9var 1
                00010276051b4e42.7   hd3 1
                00010276051b4e42.8   hd1 1
                00010276051b4e42.9   paging00 1
                00010276051b4e42.10  paging01 1
                00010276051b4e42.11  paging02 1
Physical:       000011181de6db7a 1   0          <--------------------
                00010276e3034f00 1   0          <-------------------|
                00010276e30358f3 1   0          <-------------------|
                00010276e30353f3 1   0          <-------------------|
These IDs should match the IDs from the lspv output.    <------------

As noted, the PV (physical count) value should be the same as the number of disks in the rootvg. In this case lspv lists 4 hdisks and the PV Count stanza is 4. This can also be verified with the information in the Physical stanza. The physical IDs should match the hdisk IDs from the lspv output. If there is any inconsistency, there may be a ghost disk. Contact AIX Support for help with kernel problems.

[ Doc Ref: 93629299313512     Publish Date: Oct. 01, 1999     4FAX Ref: none ]