How to Collect and Submit an SNA Testcase for Communications Server Versions 5 and 6


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IBM SecureWay Communications Server Versions 5 and 6 for AIX
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How to submit a testcase to IBM

About this document

During the process of SNA problem determination, it often becomes necessary to submit trace information to IBM SNA technical support. IBM Communications Server for AIX includes a snagetpd script which facilitates the collection of many traces and logs into a single compressed tar file. This file is referred to as a testcase. The purpose of this document is to provide the basic steps involved in collecting an SNA testcase. Specific steps are provided for IBM Communications Server - Versions 5 and 6 for AIX.

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IBM SecureWay Communications Server Versions 5 and 6 for AIX

Preparing before tracing

Whenever possible, stop SNA and delete old SNA logs and traces. Additionally, before starting SNA, reconfigure the logs and start new traces. This process will require space in both the /tmp and /var file systems. Ensure that plenty of free space exists, more than 30MB, in both file systems.

The Communications Server has an SNA daemon, which must be active, and an SNA node, which must be inactive. Use the following commands to prepare for tracing.

NOTE: These commands are only valid for SNA or greater. Please apply the latest PTFs for SNA before proceeding. To achieve best results and provide for cleaner traces, stop SNA by following the instructions below. If SNA must not be stopped, skip the first six commands on the following list, and begin after the verifysna -U command. Be aware, however, that this could make isolating the problem more difficult.

	snaadmin term_node
	sna stop
	trcstop		    # an error here is ok and can be ignored
	rm /var/sna/*
	sna start
	verifysna -U
	snaadmin set_trace_file, trace_file_type=IPS, trace_file_size=10000000
	snaadmin set_global_log_type, audit=YES, exception=YES
	snaadmin set_global_log_type, succinct_audits=NO, succinct_errors=NO
	snaadmin add_dlc_trace, resource_type=ALL_RESOURCES
	snaadmin set_trace_type, trace_flags=ALL, api_flags=ALL

Tracing the problem

In the preceding step, the SNA logs were reconfigured and several SNA traces were started while the SNA node was inoperative. Now, start the node and make sure the traces are active. Use the following commands to accomplish these tasks:

	snaadmin init_node
	snaadmin set_trace_file, trace_file_type=TN_SERVER, trace_file_size=10000000
	snaadmin set_tn_server_trace, trace_flags=ALL
	snaadmin status_all
	snaadmin start_ls, ls_name=<name_of_your_linkstation> (if not active)
	snaadmin query_trace_type

At this point, reproduce the problem. Once the problem has recurred, continue with the following step.

Collecting snagetpd

Once you have reproduced the problem, stop the traces and collect the testcase by running these commands:

	snaadmin remove_dlc_trace, resource_type=ALL_DLC_TRACES
	snaadmin set_trace_type, trace_flags=NONE, api_flags=NONE
	snaadmin set_tn_server_trace, trace_flags=NONE
	cd /tmp 
	snagetpd NNNNN.bBBB

NOTE: In the last command, NNNNN is the PMR number and BBB is the branch number.

You will be asked to provide a brief problem description. Once you are finished with the problem description, press Ctrl-D to continue. You will then be asked if the testcase will include a core file or a dump file. If you are not sure, answer no. After you answer these two questions, the process will proceed to completion.

The file NNNNN.bBBB.tar.Z will be created in the current directory. If the PMR number is not given with the snagetpd command, the file pd.tar.Z will be created in the current directory. In the latter case, rename the file to NNNNN.bBBB.tar.Z (where NNNNN is your PMR number and BBB is the branch number of the problem record opened with IBM SNA Support).

Refer to the instructions in the next section, "How to submit a testcase to IBM."

How to submit a testcase to IBM

Instructions on file naming conventions, file format, and delivering your testcase to IBM via the Internet are available at the following URL:

Instructions are also available from IBM Fax Service: