Error 888-102-300-0c0 When Graphics Adapter is in the Machine


You receive error 888-102-300-0c0 when a graphics adapter is installed in your machine.


  1. Typically, the system crashes with error 888-102-300-0c0 when a mismatch of the oslevel and the graphics device driver filesets exists. To check for this problem, enter the following command to determine the oslevel of the device drivers:
    	lslpp -l | grep <device.driver>
  2. Next, check the oslevel with the the following command:
  3. If the output from the preceding command reports the same level as the device drivers, enter the following command:
    	oslevel -g <oslevel.of.device.drivers>
  4. If you have a considerable amount of output, enter the following command on the oslevel of the filesets reported from the oslevel -g command. oslevel 4.3.3 is used as the example below:
    	oslevel -l
Usually the device driver filesets will be listed after entering the preceding command. If this is the case, use the correct media to force-overwrite the device drivers and reboot the machine. Never rely on the oslevel command alone. The system may report an incorrect oslevel because of the mismatch between the oslevel and the graphics adapter filesets.

[ Doc Ref: 97424310111804     Publish Date: Nov. 14, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]