InfoExplorer "unable to connect to socket: 3" Error Message


OS Level: AIX 4.2


When InfoExplorer is run, the following error is received:

	unable to connect to socket: 3
	warning missing charset in string to fontset conversion


Complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the /tmp/.info-help file.

  2. Terminate InfoExplorer, enter:
    stopsrc -s infod
  3. Remove the /tmp/.info-help file, enter:
    rm /tmp/.info-help
  4. Enter:
    touch /tmp/.info-help
  5. Allow world read, write, and executable permissions for the /tmp/.info-help, enter:
    chmod 777 /tmp/.info-help
  6. Rename the $HOME/info file.

  7. Start InfoExplorer, enter:
    startsrc -s infod

    [ Doc Ref: 97689289724168     Publish Date: Dec. 19, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]