Error "/usr/lpp/bosinst/bi_main[5] /var/adm/ras/bi.log cannot create"


OS Level:
Type/Model: R50


The following error is received:
/usr/lpp/bosinst/bi_main[5]  /var/adm/ras/bi.log  cannot create


This error may be caused for one of two reasons:
  1. /var does not have enough space for the restore log, bi.log. Thus, it fills the file system.
  2. /var is not mounted because it is not listed as type=bootfs in /etc/filesystems. Thus, bi.log fills the root file system.
In maintenance mode, run the df command to see if /var is mounted and to check which file system is full.

Following are the guidelines for a workaround solution to both problems.

  1. Start the restore again using the keydance process. That is, type 911 at the main installation screen. This will write bi.log to the standard out instead of to a file.
  2. If the problem occurs because of reason 1 above, increase the size of /var, either before making the mksysb or after the keydance process has been followed. The system should be up and running.
  3. If the problem occurs because of reason 2, /etc/filesystems will have to be edited to contain the proper information, again either before the mksysb or after the keydance restore.

[ Doc Ref: 95384125513822     Publish Date: Apr. 28, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]