Internal Ethernet Adapter Duplex Settings Cause Hang on E105 LED


OS Level: AIX Version 4.3.2
Type/Model: 9076


When attempting to run a network boot, the procedure stops and the LED first displays E105. It then displays 40B00100. The screen shows the following information where it appears to be waiting for input:
   chrp DEFAULT CATCH!, code FFF00700 at %SRR0:00C522CC %SRR1:00083000     

In general, the LED E105 error is caused by an invalid bootlist. Various steps, such as those listed in the "Solution summary" section of this document, should be taken first to rule out the more likely causes of this error. In this particular instance, however, the error was caused by an internal Ethernet adapter duplex setting. The en0 adapter was incorrectly set to full duplex on node 25.


The LED code E105 generally indicates a network problem. It may be caused by a malfunctioning Ethernet card or by an Ethernet adapter being set to an incorrect duplex setting. If after other, potential causes of this problem have been ruled out, such as those listed in the "Solution summary" section of this document, and you suspect the adapter setting is the cause, complete the following steps.
  1. Verify the duplex setting on your nodes with the lsattr command. For example:
        node1>lsattr -Dl ent0
           busio                         Bus I/O address                   False 
           busintr                       Bus interrupt level               False 
           intr_priority   3             Interrupt priority                False 
           tx_que_size    64             TRANSMIT queue size               True 
           rx_que_size    32             RECEIVE queue size                True 
           full_duplex    no             Full duplex                       True 
           use_alt_addr   no             Enable ALTERNATE ETHERNET address True 
           alt_addr       0x000000000000 ALTERNATE ETHERNET address        True 
  2. Verify that the full_duplex setting is correct on all nodes for your particular network environment.
  3. If all adapters are correctly set, perform node diagnostics to determine if there is a malfunctioning adapter card in your system. If so, contact IBM support to have it replaced.

Solution summary

Listed is a history of the steps taken to determine the cause of the problem. Instructions on how to accomplish these steps are beyond the purpose of this document. If necessary, contact your AIX support center for assistance with these steps.

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