Unable to Add Users, Error Message 3004-687


About this document
Debugging suggestions

About this document

This document applies to AIX Versions 3.2 and 4.x and provides suggestions for debugging in the following situations:

Debugging suggestions

Debug as follows:

  1. Check to see if the root filesystem is full.
  2. Check for:
    • A blank line in /etc/passwd
    • A partial entry in /etc/passwd that does not have the correct syntax
    • The nobody user entry is missing or the group is -2. The entry should look like:
  3. If all the above look good, check the permissions for the following files in the /etc/security directory:
        file       permissions
        .ids       -rw-------
        environ    -rw-r-----
        limits     -rw-r-----
        passwd     -rw-------
        user       -rw-r-----
  4. The following commands may also be useful for debugging the problem. See the man pages or product documentation for a complete description of these commands:
       usrck -t ALL
       pwdck -t ALL
       grpck -t ALL
  5. The umask attribute in the mkuser.default file expects an octal value without leading zeros. Thus:

    umask=77        Good format. Translates to octal 077.
    umask=077      Bad format. Translates to octal 063.

  6. If none of the above indicates the source of the error, take the system down and perform an fsck on the root and user filesystems.

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