System Date/Time Changes are Lost After Reboot


OS Level: between AIX Versions and
Type/Model. The following models with bos.rte.up fileset are affected:
7006 all models (41T/41W/42T/42W)
7009 all models (c10/c20)
7011 models 25x (250/25T/25W only)


All files dates change to 1970 after restoring mksysb tape.

Changes to the system clock do not persist through a reboot on some models. System date/time changes are lost after reboot since the hardware real-time clock is not being set.


The APAR IX64227 addresses this problem and should be installed.

[ Doc Ref: 95634923021146     Publish Date: Apr. 28, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]