Removing a Tape Drive Using the ODM

NOTE: This procedure should only be used when all other means of removing a tape drive have failed.


AIX Versions 3.2 - 4.3


Other means of removing a tape drive have failed.


  1. Back up the ODM by entering the following commands:
    	cd /etc/objrepos
    	mkdir bak
    	cp Cu* bak
  2. Set the ODM location:
    	export ODMDIR=/etc/objrepos
  3. Delete the device:
    	odmdelete -q name=rmt# -o CuAt
    	odmdelete -q name=rmt# -o CuDv
    	odmdelete -q value3=rmt# -o CuDvDr
    	odmdelete -q name=rmt# -o CuVPD
    (Where # is the tape drive you want to remove)

  4. Update your boot image to reflect the changes:
    	bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk#
  5. (OPTIONAL) Remove the device for active kernel, and reboot your system:
    	shutdown -Fr

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