alt_disk Errors 0516-082 and 0505-121


OS Level: 4.1.5
Type/Model: c20


During an attempt to install an alternate disk, errors occurred regarding hanging logical volume names in the volume group descriptor area.

0516-082 /usr/sbin/lchangelv: Unable to access a special device file.
         Execute redefinevg and synclvodm to build correct environment.
0505-121 alt_disk_install: Error.
Cleaning up.
umount: 0506-347 Cannot find anything to unmount.
0505-121 alt_disk_install: Error.
In one case, this problem occurred on Seagate 4.5Gb disks.


Solution Summary

Check all the logical volumes and their major and minor numbers by running:
# cd /dev
# ls -al 
rootvg will have the major and minor numbers of 10 and 0, followed by other lvs.

To make certain that the ODM contains this information, execute the following:

# echo $ODMDIR
This should return /etc/objrepos. If it does not, execute:
# export ODMDIR=/etc/objrepos
# odmget CuDvDr > /tmp/odm.out
Now vi /tmp/odm.out and see if all the major and minor numbers are present. For example:
        resource = "devno"
        value1 = "10"
        value2 = "0"
        value3 = "rootvg"

        resource = "devno"
        value1 = "10"
        value2 = "1"
        value3 = "hd6"

        resource = "devno"
        value1 = "10"
        value2 = "2"
        value3 = "hd5"

        resource = "devno"
        value1 = "10"
        value2 = "3"
        value3 = "hd8"

        resource = "devno"
        value1 = "10"
        value2 = "4"
        value3 = "hd4"
The value1 and value2 fields show the major and minor numbers. They should match up with all the existing lvs (look at the output of the lqueryvg -Atp hdisk0 command to see the total lvs, being that hdisk0 is part of rootvg).

All the filesystems in rootvg should be mounted before the alt_disk_install is started.

Check the system for missing logical volumes in the sequence. For example, one system was initially missing three logical volumes from the sequence.

10 9
10 16
10 23
These are examples of major and minor numbers of lvs that are missing and need to be recreated. Remove these lvs, and, since (in this example) they are raw lvs, create JFS filesystems instead. Also, reformat and recertify the disk on which the alt_disk install was performing its operation. This allows the alt_disk operation to successfully run through.


Added three new logical volumes--for example, ibm101, ibm102 and ibm103--so the output has a clear numerical sequence.

Then attempted the alt_disk install again. It failed again with the same errors.

Below is the list of what the system looked like before the second attempt. The orignal rootvg is on hdisk0, and the cloned rootvg is on hdisk2.

root@yampa $ lqueryvg -Atp hdisk2
Max LVs:        256
PP Size:        23
Free PPs:       353
LV count:       23
PV count:       1
Total VGDAs:    2
Logical:        000151142023f7f6.1   hd5 1  
                000151142023f7f6.2   hd8 1  
                000151142023f7f6.3   hd6 1  
                000151142023f7f6.4   hd4 1  
                000151142023f7f6.5   hd1 1  
                000151142023f7f6.6   homeora 1  
                000151142023f7f6.7   lv_root 1  
                000151142023f7f6.8   dbaudit 1  
                000151142023f7f6.9   alt_dbs 1  
                000151142023f7f6.10  alt_omails 1  
                000151142023f7f6.11  alt_hd3 1  
                000151142023f7f6.12  alt_hd2 1  
                000151142023f7f6.13  alt_hd9var 1  
                000151142023f7f6.14  alt_vardce 1  
                000151142023f7f6.15  alt_csapps.ui 1  
                000151142023f7f6.16  alt_dcedoc 1  
                000151142023f7f6.17  alt_dt 1  
                000151142023f7f6.18  alt_info 1  
                000151142023f7f6.19  alt_perftools 1  
                000151142023f7f6.20  alt_dfs0 1  
                000151142023f7f6.21  alt_ibm103 1  
                000151142023f7f6.22  alt_uimx 1  
                000151142023f7f6.23  alt_omailc 1  
Physical:       0001511443d0c52d 2   0  
root@yampa $ lqueryvg -Atp hdisk0
Max LVs:        256
PP Size:        22
Free PPs:       93
LV count:       25
PV count:       1
Total VGDAs:    2
Logical:        00015114663ea58c.1   hd5 1  
                00015114663ea58c.2   hd8 1  
                00015114663ea58c.3   hd6 1  
                00015114663ea58c.4   hd4 1  
                00015114663ea58c.5   hd1 1  
                00015114663ea58c.6   homeora 1  
                00015114663ea58c.7   lv_root 1  
                00015114663ea58c.8   dbaudit 1  
                00015114663ea58c.9   ibm101 1  
                00015114663ea58c.10  dbs 1  
                00015114663ea58c.11  omails 1  
                00015114663ea58c.12  hd3 1  
                00015114663ea58c.13  hd2 1  
                00015114663ea58c.14  hd9var 1  
                00015114663ea58c.15  vardce 1  
                00015114663ea58c.16  ibm102 1  
                00015114663ea58c.17  csapps.ui 1  
                00015114663ea58c.18  dcedoc 1  
                00015114663ea58c.19  dt 1  
                00015114663ea58c.20  info 1  
                00015114663ea58c.21  perftools 1  
                00015114663ea58c.22  dfs0 1  
                00015114663ea58c.23  ibm103 1  
                00015114663ea58c.24  uimx 1  
                00015114663ea58c.25  omailc 1  
Physical:       000151145e40f20c 2   0  

In this example, two of the lvs were not found on the cloned rootvg.

Proceeded with the steps in the Solution Summary.

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