Trouble Printing from InfoExplorer and Manual Pages


OS Level: AIX 4.1.3


When using an HP printer and printing from InfoExplorer or the Manual Pages, all of page one is printed but only one line of page two is printed. Subsequent pages print correctly.


Check the setting in InfoExplorer under Options | Defaults.

You should see information similar to the following:

	/bin/pr -f -h "Copyright (c) 1994 IBM Corporation " -r 
	o4 | /usr/bin/enq -Ppc0

Edit the last portion of the setting and delete the commmand sequence. Replace it with one of the following commands:


Use these commands with your preferred print flags. The print flags will be listed in InfoExplorer with their respective commands. The new commands will now send the printouts through a virtual printer where they will be formatted once and then printed.

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