Downloading Fixes through a Web Browser


OS Level: all
Type/Model: all


A fix needs to be downloaded using Netscape or another browser.


Following are the steps for downloading fixes from the Web:

  1. Open the URL
  2. Select "Downloads".
  3. Select "General Software Fixes".
  4. Select "AIX Fix Distribution Service".
  5. Select the database to use ( AIX Version 4 / AIX Version 3 / CATIA for AIX ).
  6. Select the search options ( APAR Number / Fileset Name / PTF Number / APAR Abstract ), type in your query, and then select Find Fix.
  7. Use your left mouse button to click on the needed update. (If you need more than one fix, repeat this step and subsequent ones.)
  8. Select your Maintenance level.
  9. Use your left mouse button to click on Get Fix Package.
  10. Use your right mouse button to click on each fileset needed, and select the option to "Save Link As..." to download it to the desired location on your system.

[ Doc Ref: 93326581913048     Publish Date: Aug. 20, 1999     4FAX Ref: none ]