Error 3001-008 -- /dev/ipldevice and /dev/rhdisk0


OS Level: 4.2.1
Type/Model: 580


During an attempt to install Performance Toolbox, the following error occurs:

	3001-008 /dev/ipldevice appears in the entries for
                  files /dev/ipldevice and /dev/rhdisk0


Check the file /etc/security/sysck.cfg for stanzas for /dev/ipldevice and /dev/rhdisk0. In one case, there were two stanzas for /dev/ipldevice and one for /dev/rhdisk0.

Remove the two stanzas for /dev/ipldevice. Then the installation should work fine.

[ Doc Ref: 93638017817234     Publish Date: Oct. 01, 1999     4FAX Ref: none ]