New Installation Fails at End when Running bosboot


OS Level: 4.2.1
Type/Model: e20


An attempt to do a new and complete, overwrite installation with AIX 4.2.1, 4.1.5 and 4.3.1 CD-ROMs fails at the end on the bosboot. The following errors appear at the end of the installation:

	awk: 0602-576 a print or get line function must have a
  file name 
  the source line number is 127
  filesystemhelper: 0506-526 implementation specific error
  0301-155 bosboot: mkfs failed for /tmp/Bootram.fs
  bosinstall: could not create bootimage


This is a hardware problem. Replacing the CPU fixes it.

[ Doc Ref: 93637930017378     Publish Date: Oct. 01, 1999     4FAX Ref: none ]