Installing AIX 4.3 man Pages -- Mounting Base Documentation CD-ROM


OS Level: AIX Version 4.3.0


How do you install man pages from and mount the Base Documentation CD-ROM?


These are the only filesets needed on the system to run man pages:

  bos.html.en_US.cmds.cmds1 AIX Commands Reference 1 - U.S.
  bos.html.en_US.cmds.cmds2 AIX Commands Reference 2 -
  bos.html.en_US.cmds.cmds3 AIX Commands Reference 3 -
  bos.html.en_US.cmds.cmds4 AIX Commands Reference 4 -
  bos.html.en_US.cmds.cmds5 AIX Commands Reference 5 - U.S.
  bos.html.en_US.cmds.cmds6 AIX Commands Reference 6 -
  bos.html.en_US.nav Online Navigation        - U.S.

You can also mount the AIX 4.3 Base Documentation CD-ROM over /infocd and run /infocd/linkbasecd. This will link all the indexes on the CD-ROM and configure it so that you can run AIX 4.3 Base Documentation via a web browser. After the CD-ROM is mounted and configured, start your web browser and point it to:


This will provide you with man pages as well as access to the Base Documentation Library.

If you are running CDE, make sure the browser is installed and then select the appropriate documentation icon from the AIX CDE Help Manager. This will automatically point to the Base Documentation library.

To unmount the CD-ROM, run:

unmount /infocd

For further information, refer to the AIX 4.3 Installation Guide and to the AIX 4.3 Quick Beginnings Guide, Chapter 7 (Accessing Online Information).

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