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Installing a concurrent nodelocked license

About this document

This document applies to AIX Versions 4.1.5 through 4.3. It describes how to quickly install a concurrent nodelocked license for the "C for AIX" compiler as well as how to test the compiler. This document assumes the license server has not been previously configured and that the license daemons are not currently running. This can be verified with the i4cfg -list command.

A concurrent nodelocked license is one that is only good for that node/machine.

License certificate files are installed with the compiler and can be found in the following directories:

     C for AIX:                                    /usr/vac
     C/C++ for AIX, OS/2 and WindowsNT:            /usr/ibmcxx
     XL Fortran:                                   /usr/lpp/xlf/DOC
     VisualAge for C++:                            /usr/vacpp
     VisualAge for Java:                           /usr/IBMVJava

NOTE: License certificate files for concurrent nodelocked licenses are named with the format XXXX_cn.lic, where XXXX is the name of the product.

Related documentation

The product documentation library is also available at the following URL:

Installing a concurrent nodelocked license


  1. Check the version of License Use Management (LUM) installed and enter the following commands:
         cd /var/ifor
         more VERSION

    NOTE: If the version of LUM is 4.5.8 or greater, continue with step 3. If not, download the latest version from in the directory /is/lum/aix/ark/V4.5.8. Select "Administration Runtime Kit (ARK) V4.5.8" as the component choice.

    1. You MUST download the following files:
    2. You MUST download the msg file in your desired language. For US customers, the file will be:
    3. Download the following file ONLY if your operating system is AIX 4.3.3.

      The remaining files are not required to install LUM.

  2. Install images from step 1 via SMIT.

  3. Change the permissions on /var/ifor. Enter:
       chmod 1777 /var/ifor

  4. Start the concurrent nodelock server and set it to restart on a system reboot. Enter:
         i4cfg -a n -S a
         i4cfg -start
  5. Verify that the nodelock license server daemon, i4llmd, is running (others may start). Enter:
         i4cfg -list
  6. Enroll the concurrent nodelock license by entering the following command:

         i4blt -a -f </path/to/license/certificate> -T
         <number of licenses to enroll> -R <admin_name or company_name>

    Example (this may take several minutes):

         i4blt -a -f /usr/vac/cforaix_cn.lic -T 1 -R "MyCompany"

    NOTE: This will enroll one concurrent nodelocked license for the C for AIX v5 compiler.

  7. Verify the enrolled license by viewing the concurrent nodelocked licenses currently held in the LUM database. Enter:
         i4blt -s -lcn
  8. Now, test the C for AIX compiler by issuing the following sequence of commands:
         cd /tmp
         touch junk.c
         /usr/vac/bin/cc junk.c

    The output should read:

         line 1: 1506-229 (W) File is empty.
         line 1.1: 1506-356 (W) Compilation unit is empty.
         ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .main
         ld: 0711-345 Use the -bloadmap or -bnoquiet option to
             obtain more information.

    The absence of license errors indicates that the compiler received a valid license and is working. Errors listed are a result of compiling an empty file.

  9. Setting a default compiler (optional).

    Because C for AIX and C and C++ for AIX, OS/2, and WindowsNT can exist on the same system, it is possible to choose the default C compiler by running the shell script replaceCSET.

    1. To make C for AIX the default C compiler, enter:
           cd /usr/vac/bin

      This will create the necessary symbolic links from /usr/bin to /usr/vac/bin.

    2. To make C and C++ for AIX, OS/2 and WindowsNT the default C compiler and create symbolic links to the C++ compiler, enter:
           cd /usr/ibmcxx/bin

      This will create the necessary symbolic links for the C and C++ compilers from /usr/bin to /usr/ibmcxx/bin.

Further information can be found in the file /usr/vac/README.password. HTML documentation for LUM is located in the /usr/opt/ifor/ls/doc directory or on the Internet at

[ Doc Ref: 95115345316482     Publish Date: Oct. 02, 2000     4FAX Ref: 8420 ]