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About double-queueing
Setting up a double-queue

About this document

In AIX 3.2.5 the standard backend for doing remote printing does not have all the capabilities of a local queue backend. This includes sending printer initialization, print job formatting, and accounting. In order to provide this facility, you may choose to do what is called "double-queueing". This document describes the steps for setting up double-queueing and is applicable to AIX Version 3.2.5.

About double-queueing

With double-queueing, you set up a local queue which does all the actions described above. It then sends the output to the remote queue. Once established, you will submit your jobs to the local queue which then resubmits them to the remote queue.

Setting up a double-queue

The steps below describe setting up a remote queue and then a local queue that contains a virtual printer. The virtual printer's mo attribute on the local system is changed to mo=qprt -P[remote_queue], where remote_queue is the queue name of the remote queue.

  1. Use the command touch /dev/newdevice1 to create a file in the /dev directory to represent this print device.

  2. Use normal AIX procedures for setting up the local virtual printer and remote queues. The remainder assumes that the remote queue is already set up and functional.
         No.    Description
         1      Printer or Plotter Attached to Host
         2      Printer or Plotter Attached to Xstation
         3      Printer or Plotter Attached to ASCII Terminal
         4      Network Printer (Hewlett-Packard JetDirect)
         5      Printer or Plotter Attached to IBM 4033 LAN Connection
         6      Printer Attached to IBM Integrated Network Option
         7      Network Printer (Hewlett-Packard JetDirect)
  3. Enter a number from the preceding list (press Enter to terminate):
     ->  1 
          Name         Description
          lp0          IBM 4029 LaserPrinter
          lp1          IBM 4247 in 4202-IIIXL mode
  4. Enter the device name or enter an exclamation point (!) to exit:
    	->  newdevice1 

    This newdevice1 entry will allow us to create a virtual printer without using a tty or lp device.

    NOTE: Your newdevice1 is not seen from the listing, but it can still be entered here.

    Now you have the list of printer types:

    	20     IBM 4072 ExecJet
    	21     IBM 4079 Color Jetprinter PS  [ 57 more ]
  5. Enter a number from the preceding list (press Enter to terminate):
    	->  21 

    NOTE: Enter the number for the printer you have attached.

  6. Finish adding the printer by typing the following command. This command will inform the virtual printer to pass the newly formatted job to the existing remote print queue.
    	chvirprt -q loc_queue -d device_name -a "mo=qprt -Premote_queue"

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