System Hangs on LED C31 When Bootin From Install CD-ROM


OS Level: AIX Version 4.2.1
Type/Model: F50 GXT110P Graphics Adapter


When attempting to boot an F50 model with a GXT110P graphics adapter from the installation CD-ROM, the system is hanging at LED C31. Nothing is being displayed on the graphics terminal.

When booting from AIX 4.2.1 installation media on systems with a GXT110P or GXT120P adapter, the console selection screen may not appear on the display attached to the GXT110P or GXT120P adapter. This problem has been experienced on 7025-F50 systems but may not be limited to that configuration.


This problem may be circumvented in two ways.

  1. Use a serially attached terminal (TTY) as the console during installation.


  2. Use a circumvention diskette available from the following anonymous FTP locations:



Instructions for using the circumvention diskettes are included in a README file at the specified locations.

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