Installing Fixes for AIX Versions 4.x


About this document
Install steps

About this document

The following is recommended for the installation of fixes for AIX Versions 4.x.

Install steps

  1. As root, enter the following on the command line:
    smitty update_all
    Press F4 and select the input device from the list; then press Enter.

    NOTE: If the input device is the tape drive and the device name is rmt0, then the device should be /dev/rmt0.1.

    If the input device is the CD-ROM drive, the drive should be unmounted when you use this procedure.

  2. You do not need to select specific fixes from the media. When using Version 4.1, 4.2, or 4.3, the update_all bundle checks to see what filesets are on your system and then updates only those filesets to the level that is on the fix media. Press Enter.

    NOTE: By default, the fixes will be committed to the system. If you want to apply the fixes instead of committing them, change the flags as follows:

        COMMIT software updates? no 
        SAVE replaced files? yes 
  3. If the status of the install is OK, reboot the system. Certain fixes do not require a reboot for the fixes to go into effect. If the status of the install is FAILED, review the smit.log to determine the cause of the failure. If your status was FAILED, do not reboot the system until you determine the cause of the failure and resolve the problem.

[ Doc Ref: 90605226614700     Publish Date: May. 05, 2000     4FAX Ref: 6531 ]