How to Rebuild the Control Work Station


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Rebuilding the Control Work Station

About this document

This document describes how to rebuild the Control Work Station (CWS). This information applies to AIX versions 4.x and PSSP versions 2.x through 3.x.

Some of the reasons for rebuilding the CWS follow:

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Rebuilding the Control Work Station

Before you begin, if /spdata is a separate volume group and filesystem, ensure that the volume group is a varyon and the filesystem is mounted before continuing. Please read this document thoroughly and the PSSP Installation Guide before attempting to rebuild the CWS. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please STOP and contact your IBM Support Center.

  1. Using your preferred editor, open the /etc/inittab file and remove all entries that relate to the PSSP code, for example:
  2. Refresh the inittab file, enter:
    	telinit q
  3. Stop and remove all PSSP daemons, enter:
    	syspar_ctrl -c
    	syspar_ctrl -D
  4. Enter the following:
    	stopsrc -g sdr
    	stopsrc -s hardmon
    	ps -ef | grep ssp
  5. Kill any other PSSP processes running from the preceding ps command. To do this, use the kill <process_ID> command.

  6. Remove any remaining subsystems, enter:
    	sdr rmsrc
    	hr rmsrc
    	hb rmsrc
    	rmssys hardmon
  7. Remove (unconfigure), and uninstall NIM, enter:
    	nim -o unconfig master
    	rm -f /etc/niminfo
    	installp -ug bos.sysmgt.nim.*
  8. Remove sdr, spmon, and pssp dynamic files, enter:
    	rm -r /spdata/sys1/sdr
    	rm -r /spdata/sys1/spmon
    	rm /spdata/sys1/install/pssp/*
  9. Remove the Kerberos database, enter:
    	rm /etc/krb*
    	rm /.klogin
    	rm /.k
    	rm /var/kerberos/database/*
    	ps -ef | grep kerberos
  10. Kill the kadmin and kerberos daemons from the preceding ps command.

  11. Remove the SDR information file, enter:
    	rm /etc/SDR_dest_info
  12. Start the rebuilding procedure. Begin with Step 14, "Create Required /spdata Directories" in the PSSP Installation and Migrations Guide. Ensure that the PSSP Installation and Migration Guide applies to the PSSP level that you are installing.

    NOTE: For step 18, "Install PSSP Software," ensure that you accomplish an OVERWRITE install of the PSSP code. Do this with install options set to yes for OVERWRITE and no for AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software.

  13. For node customization and installation, set nodes either to install or customize using the spbootins command.

    NOTE: IF this is an existing SP complex, and the SDR is corrupted, you need to set the node to customize and either reboot the node or execute a pssp_script on the node. If this is a new SP complex and the nodes were never installed, or need to be reinstalled, set the node to install and netboot it. This action will overwrite existing data on the nodes.

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