Hang on LED 611 -- NFS Mount Problem


OS Level: AIX Version 4.1.5
Type/Model: c10


During bootup, the system hangs on LED 611.

If the problem does not involve the issues detailed in the technical document "Causes of an LED 611 During a sysback Network Boot", it may result from a shortened domain name.

To show the exported lines for the lpp_source and spot, execute:

	lsnim -Fl <client>

Make sure that every directory added to the exports list uses the fully qualified domain name (for example, client.austin.ibm.com). A common problem is to have just "client" in the fields "HOSTS allowed root access" and "HOSTS & NETGROUPS allowed client access" instead of the fully qualified domain name.


To verify if a fully qualified domain name is needed, run:

	# host <client>

The output should read <client>.blah.blah.com is <ip address>. Then run:

	# host <ip address>

If it returns <client>.blah.blah.com is <ip address>, then use the fully qualified domain name. Ensure that DNS is running on the system.

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