System with SNA Hangs or Crashes with LED Sequence 888-102-300-0c0


OS Level: 4.3.x
Type/Model: Any


A system with SNA hangs or crashes with the LED sequence 888-102-300-0c0.

Two scenarios for the problem:

  1. The system is already at the AIX 4.3.x level, SNA 3.1 has just been installed, and when trying to start SNA, the system crashes with the LED sequence 888-102-300-0c0.
  2. When migrating an AIX 4.1.x or 4.2.x system that is running SNA 3.1 to AIX 4.3.x, on the first boot after the migration, the system hangs, crashes, or otherwise does not boot up properly.


Implement the following fixes for these problems:

	U461716   sna.rte
	U451788   sna.msg.en_US.rte
	U452477   sna.anynet.socksna 03.01.0002.0007

NOTE: This version of SNA is no longer supported. The fixes listed above are the final fixes for this version of SNA. The replacement product is: IBM Secureway Communications Server for AIX v5 (5765-D20).

[ Doc Ref: 93638047517278     Publish Date: Jun. 02, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]