Using AIX Program Services


About this document
How to report suspected errors
AIX problem report format
Example of completed problem report

About this document

This document describes the services available through Program Services. These include:

The AIX Support Family is a family of services that are available to you under contract. This family of services provides a superset of the services that are available to you under Program Services and gives you easier access to these enhanced services.

How to report suspected errors

This section describes how to report suspected errors in IBM code or documentation and the terms and conditions of doing so. If you have an AIX Support Line contract DO NOT use this procedure. Support Line customers can report suspected errors in IBM code or documentation (and ask technical questions) via other Web pages and by phone.

This section is intended as an aid to AIX customers who want to report a suspected error in IBM code or documentation, but do not have a support contract.

Terms & conditions

The base set of Program Services provides support for IBM code that is not performing to specifications or has a documentation error. Program Services are:

IBM will respond in the same medium as the inquiry. Customers will be notified of receipt of the problem report within two business days if notified by fax or email, and seven business days if by U.S. Mail (or equivalent).

IBM will continue to charge for support not related to code or documentation errors via AIX Support Line. Customers may contract with Support Line to continue receiving voice support for software problems and questions.

How to contact IBM

To contact IBM with documentation or code-related problems using Program Services, include all pertinent customer and problem data using the format listed below. Please ensure that your response is in this format (for example, NAME: Joe Smith), with each item on a separate line. Include only one problem on each problem report submitted.

Completing the Web submission form will ensure the correct format is used.

NOTE: The following Web site, fax, and postal address apply only to customers in the U.S. Non-U.S. customers should refer to Software Support Contact Numbers.



Fax Phone:
(512) 823-7634

U.S Mail:
IBM Corporation, Mail Drop 2900
11400 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78758

AIX problem report format

Customer information

NAME: Name of contact for the problem

PHONE: Phone number of contact

EMAIL: email address of contact; for example,

FAX: Fax phone of contact, if available

CUSTOMER#: IBM customer number

COMPANY: The name of your company

ADDRESS1: 1st line of your address

ADDRESS2: 2nd line of your address

CITY: City

STATE: State

ZIP: Zip Code

System information

TYPE: The machine type; for example, 7013

MODEL: The machine model; for example, 560

SERIAL#: The machine's serial number; for example, 66-C2559

AIX LEVEL: Level of AIX you are running; for example, 4.3.1, 4.1.4

MEDIA: Preferred media for PTF if required; for example, FixDist, CD, 8mm tape

ENV: Information about your environment, such as configuration, disks, memory, adapters, network connections, applications running

Problem description:

DESC: A description of the problem, including answers to the following questions:

What were you trying to do? What were the results? What steps did you perform? What error messages were displayed? What steps are required to recreate the problem?

Example of completed problem report

NAME: Joe Smith
PHONE: 512-454-9876
FAX: 512-234-5678
CUSTOMER#: 999999
COMPANY: MyCompany, Inc.
ADDRESS1: 101 Main Street
ADDRESS2: Suite 200
CITY: Austin
ZIP: 78758
TYPE: 7025
SERIAL#: 66-C2559
AIX LEVEL: 4.3.1
Apache server with 512MB ram and 60GB hard disk. Running TCPIP on token ring adapters. 
Hello, we are currently running NFS on our SP. The nfsd daemon is dying. Prior to this we put in
new SSA drives, shut the machine down and brought it back up. We also had problems with the
inetd dying. But inetd is no longer dying but nfsd still dies. Error report says failing module nfsd ..
error code 256; e18e984f. 

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