mkinsttape Spawns Off Multiple mkinsttape Processes


OS Level: AIX Version 4.2.1
Type/Model: F50 4mm tape drive


The user is attempting to create a bootable tape. The command mkinsttape is spawning off separate mkinsttape processes rather than creating only one.


Complete the following steps to correct the problem.

  1. Verify that you are logging in as root and not as a second root user.
  2. Check if the following files exist: .profile, .kshrc, .cshrc. If they do exist, change their names using the mv command. For example, change the name of the file .profile to .profile.old.
  3. Log out.
  4. Log back in.
  5. To create the BOS Install/Maintenance image on the tape, enter:
       mkinsttape /dev/rmtTapeDriveName 
    If it still creates extra mkinsttape processes, continue with the next step.
  6. Change the name of the /etc/profile file using the mv command.
  7. Log out.
  8. Log back in.
  9. Enter the following command to locate the backup file:
       type backup
  10. From the output of the previous command, change the name of the backup file to backup.old using the mv command.
  11. Attempt to create the BOS Install/Maintenance image again. Enter:
       mkinsttape /dev/rmtTapeDriveName
Only one mkinsttape process should now be created.

[ Doc Ref: 95634993811000     Publish Date: Apr. 28, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]