How to Determine the Level of the Installation CDROM in Maintenance Mode


OS Level: AIX Version 4.2.1
Type/Model: J50


How can the user determine the level of the Installation CDROM?


The following steps will determine the level of an installation CDROM in Maintenance Mode.
  1. Mount the CDROM over /SPOT:

  2. Change into the /tmp directory. Enter:
    cd /tmp
  3. Restore the lpp_name file from the CDROM. Enter:
    restore -xqvf /SPOT/usr/sys/inst.images/bos.rte.up ./lpp_name
  4. View the lpp_name file. Enter:
    cat ./lpp_name
    At the top of this file, the level of the fileset will be displayed. This also indicates the level of the CDROM. Whether or not the CDROM is a D5 or G5 is undeterminable unless the CDROM is marked.

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