Application Does Not Start from Home Session in CDE


An application does not start from the home session in the Common Desktop Environment.

Although Session Manager reads the $HOME/.dt/sessions/home or $HOME/.dt/sessions/current to set up the session when you log in, it does not start up some applications. This includes some shell scripts, applications that are not programmed for CDE, and some older applications that do not recognize CDE.

When you try to set one of these applications to start up from your home or current application, it does not come up. You also do not see any errors logged in the $HOME/.dt/errorlog. In addition, when you change directories to $HOME/.dt/sessions/home and search using the grep command for the application that you are trying to start, it does not appear.

This is not a problem with CDE. The application does not use the protocols that the Session Manager uses.

NOTE: Applications that do not start up from the home session are non-ICCCM compliant. They do not write their command line to the WM_COMMAND property (in xprop). ICCCM is CDE compatible. ICCCM expanded is Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual. For more information, see Interclient Communication and Interclient Communication Window Managers and Shells


If you need an application to start when you log in, you can create a file in $HOME/.dt/sessions called sessionetc. In this file, type the command you would like to execute. Type this command just as you would when executing the command from a dtterm or xterm.


If you want to start Netscape when you log in and it does not start through your home session, you can create the sessionetc file and put in the following line:


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