Common Problems and Questions About 3151 Terminals


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Common problems
Common questions
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About this document

This document applies to AIX Versions 3.2.3 through 3.2.5.

Common problems

Function keys not working

Function keys may not work for the following reasons:

Insert key not working

If the insert key does not work, change the INSERT CHARACTER setup option from MODE to SPACE.

Double characters displayed

If double characters are displayed, change the OPERATING MODE from CHAR to ECHO.

Double prompt when enter/return key is pressed

The New Line option must be set to CR, not CR/LF. If it is not, it may cause a double prompt when the Return/Enter key is pressed. The New Line option can be changed either from the setup menus or from the host.


Host: Set Control 2 Command: ESC ! 9 ( J

3151 locks up

If the display locks up:

3151 does not communicate with host

If the 3151 does not communicate with the host:

Missing or lost characters

Missing or lost characters may be caused by a pacing problem. Reduce line speed to 2400 or 4800 to confirm that the problem is pacing. Activate pacing at the 3151 and the host.

Lost setup values

If setup values are lost:

Cannot get into setup

If you cannot get into setup:

Cannot print, not printing correctly

If you cannot print or if printing is incorrect:

3151 displays backward question marks

Backward question marks are caused by a frame error; the parity, word length, stop bits, and line speed must match the host system.

The (*,/,-,Alt,Ctrl,Page Up,Page Down) keys are not working

With a model 510/610 in ASCII Mode, the keyboard becomes a 310/410 ASCII layout. This creates the symptom of particular keys not working. Refer to pages 3-1, 3-2 of the 3151 Guide to Operations, Models 510, 610.

Line drawing characters do not display

Line drawing characters not displayed is a result of a character mismatch between the host and the 3151. 3151 offers the following character sets: Special Graphics, PC 00437, PC 00850, ISO 8859/1.2. Determine the character set defined in 3151 and determine what the host is expecting.

3151 has extra blank lines

To get rid of extra blank lines, set "Auto LF = OFF" in the general setup menu, or from the host use "Set Control 3" command: ESC " 9 = b

Application is not displaying correctly

If an application is not displaying correctly, it could be that host commands do not match the 3151 settings. 3151 is set to IBM 3151 and host could be using DEC VT100, WYSE 50/50+. Use 3151 Transparency mode to determine what host is sending.

Cannot redefine function keys

With model 510/610, redefining function keys is not supported.

Constant beep

A constant beep may occur if you are using a cartridge with model 110. Cartridges are not supported with this model.

Screen is wavy

If the screen is wavy, change the refresh rate to between 50 and 60 hertz. Press Ctrl-Shift-Hold. 3151 displays keyboard test pattern. Press Ctrl-F10. 3151 displays A or B (refresh rate). Press F1 to toggle between A or B. Power off and on 3151.

3151 displays "HJ"s in CATIA

CATIA supports VT100 emulation, but the IBM 3151 is set to IBM 3151 mode. The VT100 commands are not compatible with IBM 3151 mode. Therefore, 3151 requires either IBM/DEC or Connectivity cartridge which offers VT52, VT100 or VT200.

3151 backspace key is not working

If the backspace key does not seem to work:

Setup values of one 3151 does not match other 3151

The 3151 offers many models and eight cartridges with over 20 emulations, so the setup value could differ among 3151s. Compare the machine mode of each 3151. Possibilities include:

Review your 3151 documentation.

32 common questions

  1. How can I identify the model?
  2. How can I change the cursor style (block, underscore, blink, none)?

  3. How can I change the status line (none, machine status, host message)?

    From the host, change it from Write Host Message, Display Host Message, and Display Machine Status. From the user, change it by keyboard or user setup.

  4. How can I get a RS422 interface on the Main Communications Port?

  5. Does the auxiliary port support RS422 interface?

    No, it only supports RS232.

  6. What is the difference between RS232 and RS422?

  7. How can I change the function keys?

  8. How many function keys are available on the 3151?

  9. How can I reset/clear a function key to the default value?

  10. Can an input device be attached to the auxiliary port?

  11. Can a key (setup, break, ctrl, etc.) be disabled?

    No, except with a keystopper under the keycap.

  12. Can a key swap locations with another key?


  13. Can I add a model 310, 410, 510, or 610 keyboard to a model 110 display?

    Cannot mix any combination of 84-, 101-, and 102-key keyboards. Keyboard must match video display.

  14. How can I automatically dial a modem?

    With a connectivity cartridge or by assigning an unused function key. The cartridge requires six keystrokes; the unused function key requires two to three.

  15. How can I activate or deactivate a printer from the keyboard?

    Press Ctrl-Trace key.

  16. How can I display CAPS information?

    Turn on the status line.

  17. How can I get 132 columns?

  18. How can I change the screen size?

    From setup, or from the host using the "Create Viewport Command".

       24 X 80        ESC SP r ! ! SP 8 " P
       25 X 80        ESC SP r ! ! SP 9 " P
       28 X 80        ESC SP r ! ! SP < " P (Expansion Cartridge)
       24 X 132       ESC SP r ! ! SP 8 $ D
       25 X 132       ESC SP r ! ! SP 9 $ D
       28 X 132       ESC SP r ! ! SP < $ D (Expansion Cartridge)
  19. Are communication cables included?


  20. What is the command to turn printer on/off from the host?

    Begin/End Pass-Through Mode (DLE DC2 and DLE DC4).

  21. Can 3151 be switched between 110 and 220 volts?

    No, each country has appropriate video display with proper power supply.

  22. How can the 3151 display line drawing characters?

    Step A: Assign G0/G1 using "Select Character Set" command.

    Step B: Select either G0 or G1 by:

  23. What character sets are available?

  24. What is the sex of the main and auxiliary ports?

    Both are 25-pin D-Shell female.

  25. Which port is the main communication port?

    If you look at the back of the 3151, the main port is on the right-hand side, closest to the edge. The auxiliary port is closest to the power cord.

  26. How can I get dual session?

    With a Cartridge for Connectivity, by selecting "Dual Session by Dual Port" in "SESSION ASSIGNMENT" setup menu.

  27. Are there any keyboard extension cables available?

    IBM does not offer or support any changes between the keyboard and display elements.

  28. Is there any support of the 7695 Bar Code Reader that is placed between keyboard and display elements?

    Only the model 510/610 supports the 7696 Bar Code Reader. OEM products are available that can be placed between the keyboard and display element; however, IBM does not support these OEM devices.

  29. Does the 3151 offer a CRT Saver/Screen Saver?

    Yes, CRT is selectable between "No Save" or 15 minutes. The CRT is selectable by the user in the General Setup menu, or by the host with the "Set Control 2" command.

  30. What is the difference between 8J0140 (3151-805) and 8J0141 (AS/400 Cartridge)?

    When 8J0141 (Cartridge/Keycap Kit) is installed on a 3151 Model 310, the 3151 is the same a 3151-805. The 3151-805 is available only in green. 8J0141 can be also installed on 3151 Model 410 (amber-gold). 8J0140 is for new installations, and 8J0141 is for existing 3151-31/41 installed.

  31. Is a tilt/swivel stand included?

    Yes, effective 05/89.

  32. Does 3151 have a data entry keyboard?


Sample settings for 3151

   Machine Mode      IBM 3151
   Screen              Normal
   Row and Column     24 X 80
   Scroll                Jump
   Auto LF                Off
   CRT Saver              Off
   Line Wrap               On
   Message Type   STATUS LINE
   Forcing Insert        Both
   Tab                  Field
   Term. ID _________________
   Operating Mode        Echo
   Line Speed (bps)      9600
   Line Control         IPRTS
   Word Length (bits)       8
   Parity                  No
   Stop Bit                 1
   Turnaround Character    CR
   Break Signal (ms)      500
   Send Null Suppress      On
   Enter                 Send
   Return            New Line
   New Line                CR
   Send                  Line
   Insert Character     Space

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