How to Restore libc.a from Install Media in Maintenance Mode


OS Level: 4.3.0
Type/Model: 43p


How do you restore the file /usr/ccs/lib/libc.a in maintenance mode?


Boot with the install CD-ROM. Select the following series of options:

	3  Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery
	   1  Access a Root Volume Group
	      1  Volume Group 00002433a01d4c83 contains these disks:
                  hdisk0   305  00-01-00-00          (select this disk)
		2  Access this Volume Group and start a shell before mounting
                   file systems.

From a command prompt, execute the following:

	# mount /dev/hd4 /mnt
	# mount /dev/hd2 /mnt/usr
  	# export PATH=/mnt/usr/sbin:/mnt/usr/bin
	# cd /mnt
	# restore -xvqf /../SPOT/usr/sys/inst.images/bos ./usr/ccs/lib/libc.a

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