Error "Invalid or no boot device specified" from mksysb or mkszfile


OS Level: AIX Version 4.2


The error "Invalid or no boot device specified" is received when running a mksysb or a mkszfile.


To resolve the error, complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that the link to /dev/ipldevice is correct for the bosboot command. The device should be linked to the physical volume that has hd5 on it. Find which disk has hd5 on it by entering:
    # lslv -m hd5
    The output will be similar to the following:
    LP      PP1     PV1             PP2     PV2             PP3     PV3
    001     0001    hdisk0
    The output should list one disk. If there is mirroring, two or three may display.

  2. Create a link for the ipldevice to the raw hdisk, that is, use the rhdisk# instead of the hdisk#.

  3. If /dev/ipldevice already exists, verify that it is pointing to the correct disk and that it displays the correct major and minor numbers. Using the sample output from the lslv -m hd5 command in step 2, the ipldevice above is incorrectly linked to rhd5. It should be linked to rhdisk0.

  4. Incorrect links should be removed and relinked to the correct rhdisk using hard links. Enter the following commands:
    # rm ipldevice
    # ln rhdisk0 /dev/ipldevice
    # ls -l ipldevice rhdisk0
    crw-------   2 root     system    19,  0 Apr 30 22:28 ipldevice
    crw-------   2 root     system    19,  0 Apr 30 22:28 rhdisk0
    This is the correct method for linking the ipldevice.

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