Tape Is Either Write Protected or In Use When Running a mksysb


OS Level: AIX Version 4.2.1
Type/Model: J50


When attempting to run a mksysb, the tape is either write protected or in use. The following command fails when the dd command tries to copy the boot image to tape.
   mksysb /dev/rmt0


APAR IX69950 corrects this problem. Alternatively, the workaround is to remove the tape drive and read it using the cfgmgr command. Complete the following steps to correct the problem with the workaround.
  • Enter the following command:
  • Enter the following command:
       rmdev -dl rmt0
  • To bring back the tape drive, enter the following command:
  • Enter the following command:
       dd if=/etc/motd of=/dev/rmt0 conv=sync
  • Enter the following command:
       dd if=/dev/hd5 of=/dev/rmt0 conv=sync
  • To display the latest installed level of devices.scsi.tape.rte, enter the following command:
       lslpp -l devices.scsi.tape.rte
  • Run the mksysb. Enter the following command:
       mksysb /dev/rmt0
    The mksysb should now work properly.

    [ Doc Ref: 95635030610810     Publish Date: Apr. 28, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]