oslevel Returns Incorrect Output


OS Level: AIX Versions 4.1.4-4.1.5
Type/Model: 220


After an upgrade from AIX Version 4.1.4 to 4.1.5, oslevel returns


  1. Run the command oslevel -q. Check whether is in the list of known maintenance levels.
  2. If it is not, run the following command to determine the level of the fileset bos.rte:
              # lslpp -l bos.rte
  3. If the fileset is at the level, execute lppchk -v to ensure that no necessary filesets are missing.
  4. If there are none, remove the file /tmp/.oslevel.mlinfo.cache.
  5. Now run oslevel again. It should return In addition, oslevel -q should return the following:

[ Doc Ref: 93550676720622     Publish Date: Jan. 17, 2001     4FAX Ref: none ]