Set Up man Pages Using InfoExplorer Hypertext CDROM


About this document
Setting up man pages
How the script works

About this document

This document discusses the software and procedure needed to set up man pages in AIX Version 4.1 and 4.2 systems.

The following documents on man pages are available from IBMFAX Information Service.

Setting up man pages

Please refer to Chapter 14 of the AIX Version 4.1 System Management Guide, order numbers SC23-2525-01.

The Hypertext Information Base Library for AIX Version 4.1 is a licensed product. The Hypertext Information Base Library can be ordered using:

Product number: 5696-919 
Feature code: 4001 
Media Type:  3410 CD ROM 


  1. To create and mount the CD-ROM file system and run the /infocd/linkinfocd script, root user authority or membership in the system group is required.
  2. The LANG variable in the systems environment must be set to the correct value, en_US for US English. To display the variable, enter:
    echo $LANG 

Use the command smit chlang to change the LANG variable.


To access InfoExplorer databases from CD-ROM for the first time, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a CD-ROM file system with /infocd as the mount point. Use the smit crcdrfs fastpath to create the CD-ROM file system.
  2. Mount the CD-ROM file system using the smit fastpath smit mountfs.
  3. Run the linkinfocd script by entering:

How the script works

The linkinfocd script links the database subdirectories from the /infocd CD-ROM file system to the /usr/lpp/info/lib/en_US/aix41 directory. Each database subdirectory is linked individually, just as each database can be installed separately. This allows databases to be installed on a fixed disk drive, linked from a mounted CD-ROM, or a combination of both. The script also links the ispaths file from the /infocd CD-ROM file to the /usr/lpp/info/data directory.

The linkinfocd script does the following:

The script then checks to see if the /usr/lpp/info/data/ispaths file exists.


  • If the name is a link from the CD-ROM, the script prints a message that the ispaths file is already linked from the CD-ROM.

  • If the name is a link from elsewhere, the script copies the linked ispaths file to ispaths.linked and links the ispaths file from the CD-ROM into /usr/lpp/info/data.

  • If the name is a file, the script copies the existing ispaths to ispaths.orig and links the ispaths file from the CD-ROM into /usr/lpp/info/data.

  • [ Doc Ref: 90605212214780     Publish Date: Jan. 30, 2001     4FAX Ref: 5734 ]