Determining Microcode Levels Using Microcode Discovery Service and Inventory Scout

Microcode Discovery Service is a Web-based service that enables you to determine the microcode levels installed on your server and compare these levels with the latest levels available from IBM. Using a secure Internet connection and your Web browser, Microcode Discovery Service captures your machine data and generates a comparison report showing subsystems that may need to be updated. This report provides links to download the latest levels or, in some cases, directs you to contact your CE for assistance in obtaining the microcode updates.

To use Microcode Discovery service, a new service tool must first be installed onto your server. This tool, known as Inventory Scout, will run as a daemon on your server. Inventory Scout runs on AIX Version 4.1.5 and all levels of 4.2 and 4.3. The software can be downloaded from the Web or installed from the AIX 4.3.3 product update media.

For more information about Microcode Discovery Service and the Inventory Scout tool, visit one of the following Web sites:

[ Doc Ref: 97076564010128     Publish Date: Oct. 13, 2000     4FAX Ref: 8718 ]