P260 Monitor Missing Cabling

This is a notice about missing cables for the P260.

The new P260 display has a button on the front for easy switching between the systems - if two systems are attached. The problem is now at the back of the screen: It has one classical 15 pin port and one new DVI port.

The cables that should be shipped with the system, according to the PLET (ZG99-0515), should allow two systems using "classical" 15 pin display adapters to be attached to the screen.

There should be a DVI-15 pin converter cable included with the system (+ one DVI to DVI and one 15-pin to 15-pin cable).

The missing part is: 04N7532 DVI -> 15pin signal adapter

[ Doc Ref: 97482310422708     Publish Date: Nov. 21, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]