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What to install
Configuring the Web server
Using Documentation Search Service
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About this document

This document discusses the procedures for setting up Documentation Search Service as your search service at AIX version 4.3.x. docsearch launches the AIX Documentation Search Service global search form into a Web browser window. Netscape 4.04 is the recommended browser and you will need a Web server to serve the html based information files. You must execute docsearch from within a graphical environment, such as Xwindows or the Common Desktop Environment (CDE).

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What to install

The following filesets install Documentation Search Service from Volumes 1 and 2 of AIX Version 4.3.x installation media.


NOTE: At AIX Version 4.3.0, Netscape 4.03 can be found on a separate Netscape CD.

Configuring the Web server

After installing the filesets that you need, configure the Web server through SMIT. Select System Environment then select Internet and Documentation Services (for the fastpath method, enter smitty web_configure.)

  1. Select Change/Show Default Browser and select your browser from the pulldown menu (F4 in smitty).
  2. Select Change Documentation and Search Server.
  3. Set the Documentation search server LOCATION.
  4. Choose
    	Local-this computer
    	Remote computer

    If you chose Local-this computer, the entry field should be populated with your Web server as in the following example. Keep in mind, however, that the example below may differ, depending on the Web server you have chosen. In this example, the chosen Web server is HTTPD Lite.

    	Web server SOFTWARE Other local server or Lotus Domino Go
    	or IICS in non-default location
  5. Hit Enter.
  6. Populate the required fields with the following.
    	CGI_DIRECTORY =       /usr/IMNSearch/httpdlite/cgi-bin
    	DOCUMENT_DIRECTORY =  /usr/IMNSearch/httpdlite/pub
  7. Hit Enter to configure and ensure that these paths are the correct paths for your particular Web server and that the directories exist.

    NOTE: The cgi-bin directory should have world executable permissions.

  8. Edit /etc/INMSSearch/httpdlite/httpdlite.conf in the following four places.
    1. Hostname
    2. PORT 80
    3. # CGI exec translations
      	Exec /cgi-bin/* /usr/IMNSearch/httpdlite/cgi-bin/*
    4. # document pass rules
      	Pass /* /usr/IMNSearch/httpdlite/pub/*

If you chose Remote computer, enter in the fully qualified name of the remote host machine. The cgi-bin directory and document directory will be set by that machine. You will need to verify the paths on the remote machine. Finally, you will need to reboot your machine for the changes to take effect.

Using Documentation Search Service

Before you execute the command docsearch, ensure that the HTTPD Lite Web server is running. To do this, issue the command ps -ef | grep httpdlite. Entering the command should return the following.

	/usr/IMNSearch/httpdlite/httpdlite -r 

If the HTTPD Lite Web Server is NOT running, issue the following commands to start the Web server:

	/usr/IMNSearch/httpdlite/httpdlite -r 

When you execute docsearch, this will start Netscape and display the Documentation Search Service form. The URL will appear as http://<hostname>/cgi-bin/ds_form.

To reach the Command Reference page, the URL is http://<hostname>/doc_link/en_US/a_doc_lib/aixgen/topnav/topnav.htm.

Additional information

At AIX version 4.3.0, a known problem exists when accessing a machine without DNS configured. The problem will appear when you attempt a search and the returned items cannot be accessed. Also, the URL information may reveal http:///doc_link, which indicates that the hostname could not be obtained. APAR IX75072 fixes this problem.

If you intend to run the Netscape browser from a machine that does not have a graphical user interface (GUI), ensure that the following prerequisite fileset is installed:


Finally, use the preview function in SMIT to determine how much disk space you will need to install the required filesets.

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