CDE Does Not Start on Bootup


AIX Version 4.3


After installing or migrating a machine, the machine will boot successfully, but the console is black. In other instances, you can see a Welcome Window, but you must cancel out of this window so the login prompt will appear. Or so that you can telnet in, you kill and restart the dtlogin process so the login prompt will appear. In all instances, you are able to telnet to the machine.


  1. Log into the machine as root, either at the console or by a telnet session.

  2. Using your preferred editor, open the /etc/inittab file.

  3. Comment out the following line with a colon (:).
  4. Reboot the machine, enter:
    	shutdown -Fr

NOTE: This problem usually occurs because you do not have the Netscape browser installed, or because a problem exists with the browser.

[ Doc Ref: 97481674811348     Publish Date: Nov. 21, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]