ds_rslt Ehw_Open_Index 63 Error


OS Level: AIX 4.3


You attempt to add your own indexes or other indexes on the Documentation Library media and attempt to execute a search, but you receive the following error message:

	ds_rslt: Error Ehw_Open_Index Error 63 in index <index name>
 	The search has been cancelled.
 	The maximum number of indexes are already in use on the search server.
 	ds_rslt: Error ehwopenindex 9 

The reason this error has occured is the search engine must be stopped prior to adding new indexes and started once the indexes are added.


To stop and start the search engine, run the following commands:

	imnss -stop imnhelp
	imnss -start imnhelp
Go off your browser page and clean out the browser cache. Return to the Documentation Library page and you should now be able to search without errors.

[ Doc Ref: 97473597011982     Publish Date: Nov. 20, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]