Installing Fixes for AIX 3.2.5


About this document
Installing fixes

About this document

This document provides the recommended steps to install fixes for AIX Version 3.2.5.

Installing fixes

  1. As root type smitty
  2. Select Software Installation and Maintenance
  3. Select Install/Update Software
  4. Select Install/Update Selectable Software (Custom Install)
  5. Select Install Subsystems (Selective Fixes)
  6. Press F4 to get the list of the input devices and select the input device you are using. Press Enter.

    NOTE: If the input device is the tape drive and the device name is rmt0, then the device should be /dev/rmt0.1.

  7. Where it has Software to Install press F4 to get the list of fixes on the media. Select the fix you want to install with F7 and press Enter.

    NOTE: If you are unable to find your fix in the list, you may have an enhancement instead of a subsystem fix. Go back to step 5 and select Install Enhancements and then continue on with step 6.

  8. If the status of the install is OK, reboot the system for the fixes to go into effect. If the status of the install is FAILED, then review the smit.log to determine the cause of the failure. If the status was FAILED, do not reboot the system until you determine the cause of the failure and resolve the problem.

[ Doc Ref: 90605226614698     Publish Date: Spt. 17, 1999     4FAX Ref: 7203 ]