How to Install Base Documentation from Hard Disk


OS Level: 4.3.1
Type/Model: 340


How do you install Base Documentation after copying it to your hard disk?


The following process explains how to use the Base Documentation CD-ROM to copy to the hard disk and then NFS mount that directory to install from it.

  1. Mount the CD-ROM on system A:
    	   # mkdir cd
    	   # mount -rv cdrfs /dev/cd0 /cd
  2. Copy the CD-ROM to the /export directory:
    	   # cd /cd
    	   # cp -r * /export
  3. NFS export the directory /export.

  4. NFS mount /export to system B:
    	   # mkdir /export
    	   # mount systemA:/export /export
  5. Then install the bos.html fileset. Use as the device name /export/usr/sys/inst.images.

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