Error "0516-024 /usr/sbin/lqueryvg unable to open physical volume hdisk"


OS Level: AIX Version 4.3.2
Type/Model: 7025 F50


The error below appears:
0516-024 /usr/sbin/lqueryvg unable to open physical volume hdisk
This occurs in an HACMP environment and is generated from the mkszfile script. This script is called when a mksysb is run with the -i flag or through SMIT.

In AIX Version 4.3.x, the mksysb restore will automatically import the user-created volume groups. To do this, the mkszfile script runs a check on all the known volume groups on the system (the output of lsvg). In the HACMP environment, the disks are shared in such a way that both systems are aware of the user-created volume groups. If the volume group on the primary system is currently varied-on, the failover system "knows" of this volume group (the lsvg will show it). However, the failover system cannot access it because it is imported on the other system.


This is a non-fatal error and the mksysb should complete succesfully.

The following is what is actually being run in the mkszfile script:

   for vg in `${lsvg} | ${grep} -v "$VG"`  #For all defined VGs
       do ...

NOTE: The preceding is an explanation of the error, not a fix.

[ Doc Ref: 95634859712806     Publish Date: Jan. 17, 2001     4FAX Ref: none ]