Error "888-102-700-0c8" When Running a NIM Spot Copy to a Model 320


OS Level: AIX Version 4.3.0
Type/Model: Unspecified


The error 888-102-700-0c8 is received after installing filesets to the Network Install Manager (NIM) spot from external media after it is built from the lpp_source.


To correct the problem, follow these steps:

  1. Make a copy of the file located in /SPOTDIR/usr/lpp/bos/inst_root/etc/objrepos/CuDvDr
  2. Install the fileset into the spot from the external media.
  3. Copy the backup of the CuDvDr back to its original location.

This problem is addressed in defect 245076. It will be fixed with APAR IX75649 when it is available.

[ Doc Ref: 95383933315752     Publish Date: Apr. 28, 2000     4FAX Ref: none ]